Capitol Hill coffee entrepreneur launching pie startup

Fuel and High 5’s Dani Cone

Some startups make silly stuff like community news software . Some make pie.

At Thursday night’s invitation only party in her flagship 19th Ave coffeeshop, Fuel owner Dani Cone announced she’s taking the High 5 Pie concept to another level. With tabletops filled with bottles of wine and, of course, platters of High 5 pocket pies, Cone held court as partygoers leafed through slick binders describing the startup’s business plan and read about an interesting offer — High 5 Pie is looking for investors.

At the heart of the concept is a High 5 Pie shop with a kitchen to turn out the pastries and a cafe for customers to hang out an enjoy the treat along with some Fuel coffee. There’s no location for the new store yet but the plan describes the requirements for the space including a dense, urban population — Capitol Hill, check — and plenty of on street parking — Capitol Hill, un-check. But at the party, Cone told CHS that the Hill she started Fuel on is also where she’d like to launch High 5. The plan calls for High 5 to be operating by January 1, 2010.

Before you start planning your 2010 of pie, High 5 needs to raise some cash. That’s where the interesting offer comes in. Cone is offering up 36% of the company to outside investors. What’s it cost to get a piece of High 5 Pie? You’ll have to contact Cone yourself. We’ve been asked to remove the financial information from this post and we’ve complied because of some misunderstanding about the situation. (EDITED 9/18/09 10:15 PM)

Hard to say what the investment outlook is for pie but cool to see a local business looking to be more. CHS is currently reviewing its own business plan to examine synergies between truly local community news and information and pie.

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2 thoughts on “Capitol Hill coffee entrepreneur launching pie startup

  1. $300K to open a pie/coffee shop? that seems a little high, even for Seattle..and she already has several coffee shops that serve pie; why doesn’t she just get a loan?

    and, why is this any different than Fuel coffee?

  2. tell me these will be savory pies and not more sweets

    i am drowning in sweets, but something closer to pies & pints would be glorious