Fire at Denny and Harvard – UPDATE

UPDATE: 3:00

According to SFD PIO Dana Vander Houwen, the fire was extinguished quickly, resulting in no injuries and a small amount of exterior structural damage. The cause of the fire was unknown.

Brandon Ivers, a future renter of the home, was told of the fire by a neighbor and was outside watching fire fighters finish up. Ivers is one of four renters who recently put down a deposit for the home, and was looking to move in in the coming weeks. Ivers said he wasn’t sure if the fire would affect the move-in process.

Original post

Three engines and about a dozen fire fighters are blocking off Denny between Harvard & Broadway for a fire reported at 800 Denny. No flames were visible, but the house, which appears to be vacant, is still being tended to. More information to come.

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4 thoughts on “Fire at Denny and Harvard – UPDATE

  1. When the trucks first arrived, they hosed down the section shown in the image above and it released A LOT of smoke, but still no flames were visible. I could see distortions created by the heat though, and the firefighters were trying to open windows, but they appeared to be painted shut save for one.

    An ambulance came and went, but since the house is vacant (it’s at 800
    Denny), no one was removed from the house.

    Hope the owners have insurance!

  2. as a resident of the house TWO DOORS NORTH of that house, it is definitely 800 denny. the frat guys who were renting it moved out about a month ago, and the owner has both that property, and the red house nextdoor for sale (renters of the red house moved out in july). am a little curious if the fire wasn’t some sort of crazy ploy to collect insurance on the property….

    i am just so, so glad that the fire didn’t spread.

  3. that house was a DIVE. I remember the parties at this place with all the fixed gear bikes parked outside of it. I had an inside feeling that would be the next house to catch fire in the area. Once a house becomes abandoned in this area transients move in. Once that happens you can start a countdown to the arrival of the fire department.