Molly Moon, Linda have a new neighbor

There’s a new neighbor moving to the Odd Fellows building. And they’ve got kids.

Top shelf children’s clothing retailer Flora and Henri are moving into the empty space on the ground floor of Odd Fellows at the corner of Pine and 10th. Sign says they plan to open in October. The sign also notes the retailer is ‘not just for kids anymore.’

This is not the first visit to Capitol Hill for Flora and Henri. They’ve kept a store in the Loveless building on Roy after closing their downtown store in February. There is also a Flora and Henri in New York City’s Upper East Side.

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9 thoughts on “Molly Moon, Linda have a new neighbor

  1. In case I was unclear, I meant: I moved from Wallingford to the Hill to get *away* from upscale baby clothing stores and the like, not that that I was unhappy that there weren’t enough obscenely overpriced stores of this ilk in that neighborhood.

  2. I’m not sure why there is disgust with this Capitol Hill business. There offices are over on Roy Street above Joe Bar.

    Be nice neighbors. These people aren’t coming to the neighborhood they are already a part of the neighborhood.

  3. Well, I personally won’t be needing their goods, but there ARE people with babies on the Hill such as our upstairs neighbors. At least it’s not another nail salon (not that there is anything wrong with nail salons.) My only thought is if they have a store on Roy already–wouldn’t they be competing with themselves?