Opening night views of pre-condo Pony

Unlike the opening of Tavern Law which yielded a treasure trove of opening night pictures and comments across Seattle’s Web, Thursday night’s opening of the re-imagined Pony bar on Madison leaves only a murky, mysterious trace on the Internet. One connecting factor between the two openings: Matt Goyer of the Urbnlivn condo blog got invited to both pre-opening parties:

The Pony site is triangular with no neighbors. Until Mark pointed all this out I never realized how awesome of a site it would be for a little boutique condo building (except it’ll be noisy), as every unit will be a corner unit.

For an interim project and a so-called trashy bar Mark certainly put a lot of effort into the space. The metal siding for the deck, with west facing views of downtown, is actually a bunch of old Seattle street signs he bought in bulk from the city. The seating looks to be old church pews. The wallpaper is all x-rated (as expected) and the fridges are from the old florist. Even if this bar isn’t your scene it’s worth going to check out the well done, low key interiors. And if the interiors are any indication the condos should be sweet.

Go ahead and read that again. That’s right. Interim. Condos. And maybe Pony, too. But there’s the future for you.

For the present, here are a few of those murky shots from the Internet and a couple of Tweets from the night.

@carnitos: I am never getting in to Pony. :( sad night.

Norman looking like a hot 80's teen @ Pony!  It's like a fuck... on Twitpic

Here’s a slideshow of great shots from flickr user Sarah Anne Lloyd

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3 thoughts on “Opening night views of pre-condo Pony

  1. With the amount of money he put into the place and the state of the condo market, “interim” is likely “many years” :).

  2. the owner of pony is also an architect/developer. so, he has longterm visions for redeveloping the site. my bet is that pony will be a HUGE hit (i.e. cash cow) making it hard to redevelop, at least in this market.