Dan Corson’s “Oscillating Fields” Video


As Justin reported, the art at the Sound Transit site was up and running tonight for a “dress rehearsal” for Saturday night’s opening.   I went down and interviewed Dan Corson and got some footage of the installation. 

In the video Dan describes the current installation as an “improvisation” to get something up for the planned Halloween opening.  Dan also talks about his personal connection with Capitol Hill, and the ST light rail site in particular.

It looks pretty cool already so I’m looking forward to seeing it in it’s final form. 

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One thought on “Dan Corson’s “Oscillating Fields” Video

  1. Three cheers.
    Good or bad, it is far more interesting than an acre of asphalt after three months – novelty long gone.

    And it seems to be OK in cold and wet. Good.

    Can it be coupled with music? Space machine stuff …. sitar …. and so forth.

    Just green? One laser?