Nagle Farmers Market? Sound Transit prepping plan to make new home for Cap Hill market

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When the Capitol Hill light rail station opens for business in 2016, there’s a good chance the Hill’s weekly farmers market will be right around the corner.

Sound Transit officials are moving forward with a recommendation that a planned extension to Nagle Place be made available to the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance to host their Capitol Hill market. Ron Endlich, deputy project manager for the Capitol Hill station, said that talks are ongoing but that Sound Transit believes it can make the extension of Nagle between Denny and John available to the farmers market group at an affordable rate. With coordination with the city’s department of transportation, it’s possible the market would also utilize Denny Way, Endlich said.

The Broadway Farmers Market is on the hunt for a new home as SRM Development prepares plans to construct a mixed-use project at the market’s current Sunday location in the parking lot at 10th Ave E and E Thomas. SRM’s effort has been on again, off again but CHS has been told that the project is in motion once more and the public process of design review will begin soon.

What happens to the market in the meantime while the light rail station is constructed isn’t yet clear. Here’s what NFMA’s Chris Curtis told CHS recently:

The Broadway Market will certainly need to move before the ST station is complete, so we are looking at Seattle Central as a possible interim location for the market.  Nothing is set or certain at this point.

(There are also certain requirements that the Fire Dept must meet as far as right of way for their trucks, so some streets are too narrow to stage a market AND provide space for a fire truck.)

2016 is going to be a big year for Capitol Hill. Let’s hope we can keep it together in the meantime.

Sound Transit talks about the Nagle extension and, equally important, parking plans for the light rail station at the next Transit Oriented Development forum on October 27 at Century Ballroom.

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One thought on “Nagle Farmers Market? Sound Transit prepping plan to make new home for Cap Hill market

  1. Yea! Other than the fact that we will have excellent, fast access to this region’s hotspots, we will have this added amenity. I live about a block away from the construction, and I know it will be a very very rough period. But a few years of construction seems to me to be very much well worth it.