Dine at Oddfellows, support Capitol Hill Housing

15th Ave’s Fredonia (Photo: Capitol Hill Housing)

Here’s the menu. These are all projects of Capitol Hill Housing. As you can see, CHH is behind many of the Hill’s best residential buildings. The nonprofit developer of affordable housing is getting involved with another menu Tuesday night as Oddfellow hosts a special night for Capitol Hill Housing. A portion of the night’s proceeds will benefit CHH. Details about that and another benefit night later in the month at Izilla Toys, below.

Dine and Shop For Capitol Hill Housing

     Oddfellows Café and Izilla Toys, both located on Capitol Hill, will be hosting giving nights in which proceeds of their evening profits will go towards supporting CHH’s mission to provide affordable housing in Seattle and the 1600 individuals who call CHH buildings home.

    CHH, whose work includes community development, is excited about the opportunity to engage with nearby businesses in this way. As part of their work on the 12th Avenue Initiative, CHH has already formed positive collaborations with the local commercial community.

Dine and Drink for Homes

Oddfellows Café will donate a portion of your bill to support affordable housing on Capitol Hill and in eight other Seattle neighborhoods.

Tuesday, December 1st, 5-10pm
1525 10th Ave. Seattle

Reservations for groups of 6 or more: 206.325.0807


Izilla Toys Support Night
Purchase toys and games at Izilla Toys and a percentage of the proceeds will go towards supporting families in Seattle.

Sunday, December 13th, 5-7pm
1429 12th Ave. Seattle


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6 thoughts on “Dine at Oddfellows, support Capitol Hill Housing

  1. So a portion goes to the charity — why doesn’t the owner of Oddfellows – she could just write a big check? Get a pix on the blog? Say, $20,000.00 would be just fine, I will eat there more often.

    This is penny petty fund raising, using the excellent image of the housing group for PR purooses.

    And, I don’t have to buy commercial priced food to donate, just sending them 50.00 by the end of the year. 100 per cent out of my pocket, not passed thru an eatery and diminished to a net $6.00 or some such low, per cent of – number.

    Ah, non profit fund raising and the slim bottom line from PR events.

  2. …but a big part of this fundraiser and the Izilla fundraiser is to help make people aware of CHH. Hipsters from Ballard who wander in to Oddfellows for a drink tonight will learn about CHH, and may give when they get home. Izilla attracts parents from all over the city…maybe they don’t know how hard it is for families to find affordable housing on the Hill, and what CHH is doing to provide it.

    Capitol Hill Housing has only recently been able to do private fundraising. (They used to function solely as a PDA). They are already excellent at these sort of community partnerships.

  3. …someone would come in here and slam Linda Derschang — no good deed goes unpunished, I guess.

    This is exactly the kind of thing a so-called “hipster” restaurant would not have to do, but Linda did it. I’m as thrilled that she and the Oddfellows team have embraced this act of generosity as I am appalled that some can still find room to complain about it.

    Well done, Oddfellows, and here’s hoping your act of kindness and awareness building will be imitated across the Hill and the city.

  4. Complain?

    NO, not at all. I just think she – Linda – should write a check for $20,000.00, somewhat commensurate with her wealth.

    This housing group is a GREAT non profit., among the best, so let’s get past that.

    I don’t work for Linda, she did not fire me, I have never met her. BUT, I know she has pulled millions (gross) out of her wise management of various eating and drinking spots on the Hill over the past decade. Millions of gross receipts.

    A few dollars per salad and sand. is paltry. Before I posted I consulted with my wise granny, and she was even more scathing. As she pointed out, the workers at her places most like will donate more than she will. Ah, wise granny.

    So, Todd – guess I left my rose colored glasses on the #49. Last summer. But I will mail a check to the Housing Group. Great place to donate for the season, and, still eat breakfast often at Oddfellows Cafe. (I am the BEST tipper in the city)

  5. I’m glad you tip well. I’m sure the service folk appreciate that.

    My gripe with your posts is that you seem to have some kind of prescriptive formula for what people should give to charity. It’s really not for you to say. In fact, if gifts to charity were made under any kind of duress — including pressure from some poster on a blog — they would lose the sheen of selflessness that makes them special in the first place. Where do you come up with $20,000 as the guideline for Linda? Why not $10,000? Why not $50,000?

    And I’d also point out that you are making a fairly reckless assumption that Linda has not donated to CHH out of her own pocket. As is her right, her gifts — like mine — are private. Are you suggesting that people need to reveal their gifts to you so you can pass approval on them?

    My glasses are jet black, cowboy. I don’t have much warm-fuzzy left, to be honest. You’re probably more idealistic than me. But what I do have left is an innate sense of fairness which leads me to simply praise and thank Linda for her generosity and not second guess her or her commitment.

    There are so many other people that deserve to be piled upon, why choose someone who is at least doing SOMETHING to help?

  6. So, Todd. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    “Linda, Poor Linda, Who is Picking on Linda,” – sounds like a country ballad from the Elvis era.

    And, Todd, you have tons of rose color left, very Seattle.

    And, Todd, I tip well cause I appreciate the hard work of waitstaff, but, also for dates. Works wonders – an unexpected saw buck is a GREAT opener, along with a string of seductive compliments. Telling you all, Tod et al, my secret system to avoid hanging in bars forever.

    Try it.