Hill Style: Orange Ankle Boots at 11th & Pine

Hiroko’s outfit caught my eye outside of Velo Bike Shop on my way home from work.  The days are getting shorter and so is my picture taking window.  When I found Hiroko, the last bit of daylight was creeping behind the horizon.

From the color to the lovely bow I adore these clever boots.  Hiroko’s look is a great mix of feminine and unconventional preppy style.  This combination makes for a unique outfit that doesn’t feel overly put together. 

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(Photo: It’s My Darlin)

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2 thoughts on “Hill Style: Orange Ankle Boots at 11th & Pine

  1. A friend just sent me a phone photo of a woman going down into the subway in silver 5 inch heels.

    hah! to new york city style

    THESE are so amazing :> thanks