Mayoral vote REALLY close: track your vote! (updated a wee bit)

McGinn’s lead has dropped from 910 to 462 (less than the # of write-in ballots counted). Your vote really is going to count this time. King County lets you follow the path of your ballot through the system, which you might care to do.

See a problem? Contact the elections office: (many ways to contact them)

While you’re there you can check the number of votes still to be counted (King County 129,000 on 11/4). Seattle Times estimates that about half the mayoral votes have been counted.

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6 thoughts on “Mayoral vote REALLY close: track your vote! (updated a wee bit)

  1. Once again my ballot doesn’t show up; I dropped my envelope off at the King County Admin. Building.

    This occurred during the primary too; I eventually stopped searching my ballot status because I forgot aboutit.

    What does a voter do if their ballot never shows up as being received let alone counted?

  2. I dropped my ballot off at the Union Station location on Tuesday morning and they haven’t acknowledged mine yet either. I’m sure it’ll get there.

  3. Oh God oh God oh God. Please let McLoser go down in a flaming ball of fire. I was talking with my father way early on in the election and mentioned the candidates (mind you he lives in California, and he does not know McGinn). Anyways, I told him McGinn was an ex-Sierra Club prez and the FIRST THING he asked was “is he a lawyer?”. I have a great distaste for the Sierra Club after they screwed up Sound Transit’s initial light rail initiative claiming it wasn’t taking “enough cars of the road”.


  4. My memory might be bad, but didn’t the plan work? I mean, didn’t we pass a rail-only plan the following year?

    BTW, I’m not defending Mayor McBear… I frankly don’t think either one of them is ready to be Mayor.