Po Dog grand opening tomorrow, soft opening today

PoDog fits in with the gritty, industrial surroundings . . . and then there’s the pug

We attended a friends & family event last night and can report that  Po Dog is ready for the public starting today .  We were pleased with our choice of a couple of Veggie Dogs (smartly – they are using field roast ) with a side of fries and PBRs on tap.  We then split a Chicago Dog (you can substitute a field roast dog in any of their offerings).  A great cheap meal for under $30.  Po Dog is located at 1009 East Union (next to the Lifelong Thrift Store) and hours of operation will be: Mon-Thu 11am-Midnight, Fri-Sat 11am-3am, Sun 11am-10pm

Po Dog already has a Happy Hour offering.  Hours will be 4:30 – 6:30 M-F.  Included food: Mini Dog Sliders ($4.97) and Homemade Chips & Fries ($1.75).  Included Drink: PBR Draft ($2), Manny’s Draft ($3), Domestic Bottles ($2.5) and Import ($3).

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7 thoughts on “Po Dog grand opening tomorrow, soft opening today

  1. ‘A great cheap meal for under $30’
    – For a couple of hot dogs and PBR? I’ll probably find myself there some night post bar, but….sigh
    Hope they’re special..

  2. Seems pricey. The hot dog joint down here in Tacoma on 6th Ave. (just won best hot dog in Best of Western Washington), The Red Hot, is a lot cheaper. Like half the price $3.25-$4.00. I guess there is a premium for being on the hill.

  3. I had the Classic Dog, Macrina Brioche bun (was amazing) ketchup & mustard. $4.97 (less than I pay for the guy outside of Neumos and with recognizable meat ;-)) plus a PBR for $3. All and all a great lunch and cool location. Space next door is vacant, wonder what is going in there? Anyone hear anything?