Smash Putt brings ‘mini golf apocalypse’ to 12th Ave

Fore! Smash Putt, “a temporary mini golf course/art installation on Capitol Hill,” is open for play:

Assembled inside a dingy 12th Avenue building by Rusty Oliver and a group of industrial artists who call themselves the Hazard Factory, it’s 10 holes featuring crazy contraptions involving catapults, air compressors, power tools and 33-1/3 rpm turntables.

At hole No. 2, which is called “Driving Range,” you can launch a ball through an air-powered machine gun toward the upturned innards of a piano: “Clang — ng-ng-ng.”

At hole No. 5, “Roulette Francaise,” a motorized scooter turns a platform that shoots your ball off in one of four directions — one containing a hole. (And feel free to toot the scooter’s horn whenever, just for fun.)

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There’s also beer and snacks in the Miniature Golf Apocalypse clubhouse. You can buy tickets and get more info at The playing season is a short one — Smash Putt will only be open for play these final three weekends of November.

The Hazard Factory is also responsible for Seattle Power Tool Races event. Here’s a video of some of the, um, technology behind their putt-putt course:

UPDATE: Added this slideshow from Hank! in comments:

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3 thoughts on “Smash Putt brings ‘mini golf apocalypse’ to 12th Ave

  1. Smash putt is awesome! Too bad Rusty and Hazard Factory wrongly took credit. That guy is a pretious prick. Good thing all of the other artist threw him out. I can’t wait for the next one!