4 interviews from the Bailey Coy Wake

This is the second part of my story on the closure of Bailey Coy and the future of bookselling on Capitol Hill. 

I went to the Bailey Coy’s wake last night, to interview some of the people in attendance about what Bailey Coy meant to them, and what the loss means to the community and to the future of independent bookstores in Seattle.

Amy Augustine

Michael Steiner

Rebecca Pellman

Xanala Fuente

This series of interviews on the closure of Bailey Coy and indy bookstores in general are pieces of a documentary short that I’m working on, on the subject.  I’m posting all the content as I go as a way of getting it out there faster and more completely, instead of waiting until I have it all shot and then editing it down. 

I’m also hoping that you viewers will get involved, if you know someone who’d be good to interview for this story, let me know.  If you have a related idea that I should explore in future interviews, let me know.  I’m hoping that opening up the process and sharing the content as I go will provide a way for anyone to add in ideas and make this a stronger piece when it’s finally finished. (Read more on my blog)

PART 1Interview with Bailey Coy Owner Michael Wells

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