Metro bus bomb threat on 10th Ave

Police are evacuating homes and businesses near along 10th Ave after receiving information that there may be a bomb aboard a Metro bus.

5:40PM – Metro bus bomb threat on 10th Ave – The bus is currently parked on the west side of 10th just above Roanoke. It appears to be route 4849. Nobody is aboard the bus at this time.

5:48PM – Metro bus bomb threat on 10th Ave – Traffic is blocked completely on 10th. There is no detour route to I5 so people are having to turn around and head back up Hill. Officers at scene say WDOT is aware of the situation but no word if 520 or I5 are going to have any closures.

5:57PM – Metro bus bomb threat on 10th Ave – An officer just hailed the bus with bullhorn. ‘This is the Seattle Police Department. If there is anyone on the bus, you need to exit toward the sound of my voice. Do it now’

6:06PM – Metro bus bomb threat on 10th Ave – I’ve been told the call about the threat first came in from the #49 driver and was not called in by a person threatening with a bomb. A squad of investigators is examining a possible explosive device on the bus.

6:12PM – Metro bus bomb threat on 10th Ave – In affairs of the tummy, the Pagliacci outlet at 10th and Miller is shut down on one of their biggest nights of the year. If you need pizza on Capitol Hill, you’re in for a wait.

6:29PM – Metro bus bomb threat on 10th Ave – Posting from field so lemme clear a few bugs. First, it’s a route 49 bus. Second, the map generated on this post is showing the wrong location. Sounds like my iPhone added old geolocation. This is happening at 10th and Roanoke.

6:47PM – Metro bus bomb threat on 10th Ave – They are reopening 10th to traffic. Assuming that means a bomb free
end to 2009. Happy New Year!

6:54PM – Metro bus bomb threat on 10th Ave – Believe it or not, the bus and driver at the middle of this incident
are now back on the route and heading up Broadway — after a quick
slice of pizza.

7:02PM – Metro bus bomb threat on 10th Ave – I’m told by somebody with knowledge of the incident that the 49 driver
found an item left on the bus that looked like a bomb. The person
would not say what the item was but that it’s possible the item was
designed to cause a scare. We’ll try to confirm this with Metro or SPD
who are typically tight-lipped in these situations.

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6 thoughts on “Metro bus bomb threat on 10th Ave

  1. Really now, how cheap are these ‘terrorists’ getting…A BUS ?!

    The dude must never ride one or else he’d know that 50% of the people riding it would probably consider it a favor..
    Next they’ll try to scare us with a golf cart with a sparkler in the tail pipe.

  2. I think it’s great that the bus driver decided to stop where he did — at a crucial Capitol Hill intersection — at evening rush hour, instead of, say, taking a right at the corner and parking a short distance down Roanoke, so that most of the traffic could proceed to and from the hill, off and onto I-5 respectively. Very thoughtful of him.

  3. I suspect the driver likely didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter as to where to stop Mr. Knowitall:

    First, the coach was an electric trolley, so its path was pre-chosen.

    Second, it was on an inbound (toward downtown) leg, so turning “right” (off of 10th and onto Roanoke, and being an electric trolley notwithstanding) was negated.

    Third, when you discover what could be a bomb, is your first thought: “Oh, gee. I might inconvenience traffic by blowing up in an inconvenient place. I will wait until I am at an isolated spot.”? /Seriously/? Given the choice between inconviencing you, and blowing me up (I live in the immediate area), I know which decision I support: the one the driver made – the right one.