Broadway Building hardhat tour

CHS toured the new Broadway Building this week as it prepares to open in the spring. This is an interesting project that serves several uses.  One aspect that makes the “Prada Building” distinctive from other mixed use projects on the Hill is that Seattle Central Community College has pre-leased a portion of the building to serve as a residence hall for international students (a total of 76 beds).  

In addition to the student housing, the project will have 94 apartments, 12,000 sq ft of Class A Office, 14,000 sq ft of street level retail and restaurant space (including Emerald City Smoothie and Genki Sushi).  The project is expected to be completed by April 2010.  One of the commercial tenants will be Hunters Capital, whose CEO is Michael Malone (the same guy who recruited Elliot Bay Bookstore to Capitol Hill).  He’s also the guy who owns Jimi Hendrix.

Pricing on the residential units is as follows and the floor plans vary:

Studios: 482 sq ft ($860) – 761 sq ft ($1895)

 1 BR: 653 sq ft ($1221) – 1152 sq ft ($2396)

 2 BR: 691 sq ft ($1580) – 1086 sq ft ($2490)

The project is designated as Built Green, and includes pervious grass-crete paving which reduces storm water runoff.  Hard hat tours are available to the general public on 1/28 and 2/6.  Call 206.328.6153 to set up a tour.  From their blog, it looks as if they are seeking a personal trainer to be one of the commercial tenants – to take advantage of the adjacent Cal Anderson Park.

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7 thoughts on “Broadway Building hardhat tour

  1. Wow. Those rents are shocking. For this the lucky renter gets the privilege of being in a building that is part college dorm? While no insult is intended to SCCC students, the demographic that can afford $2500 a month in rent seems to be unlikely to appreciate community college partying going on down the hall.

    Are these typical rents these days?

  2. Separate entrances, no common hallways for the dorms on the north side of the building and the rest of the apartment. I have no idea about the soundproofing, however.

    In SkyscraperCity, this building has already earned the nickname ‘Prada Building’ due to the red accent color.

  3. Whoa, really? Up to $2500 for a two bedroom? Let’s see how long these sit empty before the owners realize they need to lower the rent. Damn, for that amount you might as well buy a condo…

  4. A 691 sq ft two bedroom? Sounds spacious and worth every penny. Also, to have a view of the institutional brick beauty that is Seattle Central makes this a screaming deal.

  5. I’ve been calling this the lego building because those ugly red panels look like red lego blocks in a lego wall.

    Oh well, I can’t imagine getting that kind of rent right now either. Wow.

  6. Is that those international students have parents that will pay anything for them to be here. That is what the builder is counting on.

    No thank you! I’ll take my $800 two-bedroom house by Volunteer park!

    And yeah, mixing the dorms and the “regular” apartments in the same building is a bad idea. Maybe for low income housing, but wow… shocking… even for Seattle.