Community Council kicks off streetcar campaign

If the Capitol Hill Community Council’s work to shape the streetcar planning process got you feeling inspired and civic-minded, you can get involved at a deeper level at Monday night’s campaign kick-off. Here are the details from the Council:

This is the final reminder that tonight is the official campaign kickoff for our Streetcar Campaign:

What: Streetcar Campaign Kickoff Meeting 
When: Monday, January 25th at 7pm
Where:  1102 E Denny Way (Brad Trenary’s house. It’s the yellow house on the NE corner of 11th and Denny, right next to Cal Anderson Park) 

Attached is the full, finalized proposal that the Community Council officially endorsed last Thursday. It is highly recommended that you review it before the meeting. It should be an exciting campaign and we hope to see you all there!

Let us know how it goes.

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5 thoughts on “Community Council kicks off streetcar campaign

  1. I just want to say thank you to whoever wrote this memo. I does a really good job of not only making the case for this extension, but also anticipates objections and presents some great ideas for reclaiming the street. Let’s do whatever we can to get the Mayor and City Council to take this seriously!

  2. Don’t feel weird! As many people know, finding community space on Capitol Hill can be a challenge, so Brad was nice enough to offer up his house. Many of us will be meeting for the first time so their will be time for introductions and an opportunity to chat with your fellow neighbors.

  3. SCCC folks have put together some nice work here! I hope we can get a constructive response from SDOT. If they really want a turn around loop then an argument could be made for using the Broadway/Aloha turnaround used by the 9 bus. I think the only justification for a loop not mentioned in your proposal is compatibility with the trolley bus wires, so we will see if that comes up later.