Jimi Hendrix statue should live in Central District’s Jimi Hendrix park

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Seattle PI, fresh of its big peat bog scoop, has some more news you can use — the Jimi Hendrix statue on Broadway might be moving to a park in the Central District:

Jimi Hendrix Park opened in spring 2006 after the city approved a $309,000 parks levy and a name change for the Colman School Parking Lot Development at 2400 S. Massachusetts St.

It’s got green grass and an irrigation system, but nothing to commemorate its namesake — yet.

Janie Hendrix said she hopes to throw a concert and release party for a renovated park with more landscaping and Hendrix-related structures in 2012. To make that park a reality, she and other park supporters hope to raise as much as $1 million in park levies and from the public, she said.

Article reports that developer Michael Malone who owns the building currently home to EveryDay Music and the Hendrix sculpture is open to the idea of the statue making the CD move.

With EveryDay about to join Elliott Bay Book Co. around the corner on 10th Ave and condos, apartments and mixed-use development rising around him, we’re with Malone. Jimi doesn’t need Broadway. The Hendrix era is over. The Chihuly era begins.

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13 thoughts on “Jimi Hendrix statue should live in Central District’s Jimi Hendrix park

  1. I am 27 and grew up with Jimi Hendrix. He has been my all time fav for 27 years. MY younger brother who is 17 is the same way. He should stay on the street that still sells his music reguraly!!!

  2. Jimi Hendrix era is certainly NOT over! Part of the problem with this city is people not respecting Seattle’s history. Jimi set in motion the trajectory of what Seattle’s rock music has become today.

  3. Jimi’s been on Broadway for what, almost 20 years now? Who would bum him a smoke down in some south CD park? Let the park commission new sculpture, give artists some work, and hopefully produce some art more related to Jimi’s artistic legacy.


  5. I am working on and will soon be finished with a 1/2 size Jimmy Hendrix sculpture. I would like to contact Janie Hendrix to possibly donate it to the Jimmy Hendrix Park. You can see some of the work in process at my website: http://www.garymillersculptures.com

    Or at my facebook page:

    The Jimmy Hendrix era will never be over, just refreshed. My children were born in the 90’s and listen to Hendrix. Legends don’t just fade away. He was a master of his art, no one can deny that.

    Thank you,

    Gary Miller

  6. I would be willing to do a lifesize statue of Jimi in clay if the foundation would assist with the funding of having it bronzed. I live very close to the American Bronze Foundry in Sanford Florida. Anyone that can point me to the right people, I would love the opportunity to be a part of something so great. Again, I want nothing monetarily for doing the sculpting. It would be a privilege to honor Jimi Hendrix. Anyone out there that can put me in touch with the right people, it would be greatly appreciated.


    Gary Miller

    (407) 402-6127


  7. I firmly believe that the Jimi Hendrix sculpture by Gary Miller, of Winter Springs, Fl. should be placed in the Jimi Hendrix Park in Seattle. It would be a wonderful asset to the park and to the public! Mr. Miller is a very talented artist, his work is very alive and vivid. This would be a great opportunity for a fine, upcoming artist and a befitting tribute to the Jimi Hendrix legend, which is also, alive and vivid!