Po Dog burgled but wieners are safe

CHS Sponsor Po Dog reported today that they were burgled in the early hours of the morning.  Asked about loss or damages, Po Dog owner Laura Olsen shared the following:

Police found a guy walking down the street at 4am with our tv (from Po).

Luckily we have security cameras so other than a broken window and a missing tv and broken POS we are fine. No money was taken, just the tv, remote and a few Rainiers and a Coors Light

Po Dog does not currently have a television but expect to have it returned to them once the SPD is finished with their investigation.

5 thoughts on “Po Dog burgled but wieners are safe

  1. Frankly,the thief was smart not to take the franks.

    And – Hide the Sausage – so how is that played?

    Or is it too adult for the eyes of children to read?