The Unicorn’s Friday comes early

It’s hard to keep up with the young, the bold and the beautiful. We reported earlier this week that the new be-striped Pike/Pine bar the Unicorn was opening Friday. Technically, true. But a Tweet from co-owner Adam Hemstadt last night around midnight made it clear just how few Friday minutes the new joint was willing to waste:

Sounds like a good crowd lined up to get a look inside. Plus, here’s a picture of the menu that leaves quite a bit of mystery in place. You can see the words ‘STICK FOOD’ and make out some of the corn dog varieties available. But the rest remains a mystery. Guess we’ll have to actually visit in person.

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5 thoughts on “The Unicorn’s Friday comes early

  1. Should have known they were going to throw us a curveball when everyone already reported a Friday opening! Suppose they’re just trying to add to the hysteria behind the place by leaving the whole media in the dark and opening to their fans and groupies who were following more closely. I guess if you already got your liquor license why not run with it.

  2. From that picture:

    Green Food

    Beets with Oranges
    Mixed Greens

    Plate Food

    Cod en Papillote
    Steak Frites
    Peasant Bouillebaisse
    Bouef Bourginon Pot Pie

    Stick Food

    Original Corndog
    Uli’s Andouille Corndog
    Unicorn Dog
    Crispy Potato Dog
    Unicorn Balls

    Basket Food

    Fried Cornichons

    Sweet Food

    Salted Caramel Apple
    Elephant Ears

    Daily Popcorn