Want to rally Capitol Hill around your street or sidewalk issue? Here’s one way

We noted this morning that King County is about to settle a $7 million lawsuit involving an accident at 12th Ave E and E. Thomas. A few of you have spoken up to say that 12th and Thomas is a problem intersection and needs to be fixed:

This is a dangerous intersection, especially at night. If you’re a pedestrian trying to cross 12th east to west, it’s almost impossible to see northbound traffic because of the parked cars.

Here’s one way to work together to communicate issues like this to the city. We’ve added a SeeClickFix map to CHS http://capitolhillseattle.com/seeclickfix     

View CHS SeeClickFix Map

It’s pretty simple to use. Using the map, you can report street and sidewalk issues or see other issues that people have reported. If you see something you agree needs attention, you can add your support by selecting the issue to ‘get fixed’ too. You can read more about how it works in this NYT profile.

For future reference, we’ve added the map to our Maps list on the top menu. Look for Street & Sidewalk Issues, under Maps.

We’ve sent e-mail to SDOT asking how they use information from SeeClickFix but haven’t heard back from them. CHS plans to use the map to cover issues that need attention — and we’ll also make sure SDOT sees and responds. The department is listed as one of the ‘watchers’ for our area along with City Council transportation committee head Tom Rasmussen.

Or course, you can always report issues directly to SDOT by calling 684-ROAD but somehow it’s just more satisfying when it’s a group effort.

Potholes, sidewalks and crosswalks aren’t always the weightiest of topics — but it’s the kind of stuff that helps make a neighborhood a good place to live. Let’s see what this map can do.

Speaking of that, we’re still gathering information about the crosswalks planned for the area around the light rail construction zone. Look for an update on that from CHS soon.

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8 thoughts on “Want to rally Capitol Hill around your street or sidewalk issue? Here’s one way

  1. Why not walk one block south and use the crosswalk. Yes, I realize this isn’t the optimal solution but it doesn’t cost anything and it is safer.

  2. Tried to add a new issue at the intersection of pine/16th/madison, and it won’t seem to let me. I clicked “Report an Issue”, dragged the marker, and hit “Report Here!”, but it doesn’t let me add a description or save it. Am I missing something?

  3. Thanks for mentioning SDOT’s ROAD line. As opposed to an outside site, SDOT takes calls there directly. As issues reported at SeeClickFix span city government, the city’s Customer Service Bureau (CSB) will be handling those concerns. CSB will then send them out to the responsible department.

  4. I do walk south so that is why I suggested an alternative that would work for most today. Other than whining on a blog what is your short term less costly suggestion?

    I am pretty sure you understood that and you just wanted to be an a- hole.

  5. I live close to this intersection, and cross it often, both as a pedestrian and driving my car. It IS dangerous. I think the main problem is that the roadway just south of the SE corner is curvy, and parking is allowed there, thereby making it impossible to see northbound traffic if you are traversing the intersection from east to west. It would help alot if that section was made “no parking anytime.” Yes, people would object, but isn’t safety more important than a few parking spots?

    I’ve always been surprised that there aren’t more accidents there. I hope SDOT does something before more people are hurt or killed.