15th Ave E loses a video store: Video Connection to shut down

When Hollywood Video’s Broadway location suddenly closed down in the middle of a November night, we didn’t realize it would be the start of a busy news stream related to Capitol Hill’s video store industry. Third Man Video moved up to the Hill from Pioneer Square to start 2010. Now we get word that one of the two independent video stores operating on 15th Ave E is calling it quits.

We found this “Going out of Business” sign on the door of Video Connection this morning along with a flyer announcing their liquidation sale through the end of the month. The store currently inhabits a below-street-level space next to Remedy Teas at the corner of 15th Ave E and Harrison. We’ll follow up with Video Connection to find out what happened and why they decided to close shop now. We received a few tips about the situation and have been told by more than one person that this isn’t simply another economic slowdown story so watch for an update later today. If you ever have news or information we should know about, you can reach us at chs@capitolhillseattle.com or on the newsline at (206) 659-1919.

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13 thoughts on “15th Ave E loses a video store: Video Connection to shut down

  1. I am going to miss this video store- the guys who work there are always fun to talk to and the rentals are reasonably priced ($2 for older releases, $3/4 for new). I guess I’m going to have to resort to Netflix now….

  2. There is still on 15th Video just across the street from this location. They may be a bit more expensive (than the prices you list) but do have many coupon rent 1 get one free specials available. Check out your qfc receipt.

  3. There are still a bunch of great independent video rental stores on Capitol Hill. There is no reason to have to resort to Netflix. Go to Broadway Market Video. They have good deals, too, like Mon-Thurs, your 2nd rental is only $1.
    Just rent local.

  4. They are great. Sorry to see Video Conn go under, but 15th is staffed by passionate movie fans who give great recommendations. Keep 15th vital. Down with Netflix.

  5. I have lived on the hill off and on for over 10 years now and have been in 15th Video three times. None of those experiences have been great and that coupled with the prices has kept me away. I am willing to give them another try though because of this rent-one-get-one-free deal. I’d love to support local everything, but unfortunately I go where I get the best service.

  6. are going the way of the buggy whip. Netflix aside, the Redbox machines in grocery stores seem to be eating up quite a bit of the market share. Libraries also have a decent selection of movies – for free. Video stores have so much more to compete w/ nowadays.
    [x] Sorry to see a local business go
    [ ] Surprised

  7. I’ve always had great service at Broadway Video and their selection is classic & funky. Those Redbox things are evil. Netflix is unneccesary. If you want to support local biz don’t just talk the talk.

  8. I have to say I was skeptical of these indy stores but I have been using the that new stores plan for only $15 I get unlimited rentals and I have been far outpacing my old netflix plan. I just dropped my netflix for these guys, I take a movie home and 20 minutes into a film if I don’t like it, I just go back and swap it out for another, way better value than netflix. I also feel a lot better giving my money to a indy store than to netflix and it helps that I only live a block away, very easy to use.

  9. I liked this store too. It is much better than 15th Video. Oh well, I think everything is going to go electronic over the next few years. I doubt there will be any stores left.

  10. The problem with some of the clerks in 15th Ave Video is that they come off as too hipstery and cooler than thou (and a couple are just assholes). The guys at Video Connection were all very friendly and not film snobby at all. Also, cleaner; some of the clerks at 15th are in need of a daily scrubbing.

    And no one has been brave enough to admit they get their porn there. Now the closest store is The Crypt or Broadway Video.