Cops on the hunt for roving group behind two late night attacks

An emergency crew and police responded to an attempted robbery outside CC Attle’s around midnight. Thanks to neighbor Justin for the tip and the picture of the emergency response.

The suspects were described as five black males wearing hoodies and dark clothing. According to police radio chatter, the group ‘did not get anything’ in the robbery.

About 10 minutes later, another assault involving a group of black males with similar descriptions was reported at 19th and Marion. In that attack, a woman was hit in the head with an unknown object.

There was also a report of an incident that caused damage to a car at 21st and Jefferson possibly involving the same group.

The crimes fit into recent unwanted Capitol Hill crime trends — here’s one recent example of the anecdotal increase in street robberies we’ve noted here at CHS. The other criminal uptick noted recently on the Hill: non-residential burglary

Likely no further updates tonight. No reports of any other attacks in the area. We’ll update when we get a chance to talk to SPD.

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