Hill Style: Clever Handkerchief at SCCC

Before I head out the door each day I try to follow Coco Chanel’s advice and take one thing off.  A statement necklace, an extravagant bag, a pile of pins… Over accessorizing happens.  

It’s hard to find that perfect balance of adding unique pops to your outfit without looking over the top.  When I saw Erica on the SCCC campus I immediately loved her bag and kerchief.  Later that night when I was looking though my photos I realized how well balanced this outfit is.  

Either Erica listens to Coco too, or she just has a great sense of when to say when while still letting her style stand out.  



Erica (Photo: It’s My Darlin‘)

Erica (Photo: It’s My Darlin’)

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3 thoughts on “Hill Style: Clever Handkerchief at SCCC

  1. She looks great … ah, but the shoes.

    Simple line would be better, pumps with match of color or black. Sensible heel is perfect, but the faux bow is granny stuff.

    The lady has a great line. With a better camera, well she would shine.

  2. I see SO MANY people with these scarves. Whee is the line between unique and everyday. Needless to say, this is actually one of the better looking outfits I have seen on any of these posts.

  3. Do me a favor and keep a few things in mind…

    The people in these pictures are your neighbors. Have some fun. But be kind.

    The person taking the pictures is your neighbor. Thank her for contributing a record of some moments on the Hill. Be kind.