Po Dog to open second location

Capitol Hill’s own gourmet hot dog purveyor Po Dog announced today that they will establish a second location at 4736 University Way NE, taking over the space formerly occupied by Sunney’s Cafe.  This second location will be in business mid-April.  Here are the details from the press release:

Po Dog, a gourmet-chic wiener eatery known for unique creations and fresh toppings, announced plans to open a second location today. The Seattle based restaurant will now have a home in the University District (4736 University Way NE). Laura Olson, 26, founder of Po Dog on Capitol Hill announced today plans to open the second location. Po Dog is a unique Gourmet Hot Dog restaurant known for their over the top creations. These include a deep fried wasabi egg-roll dog, a homemade macaroni & Cheese dog and the deep fried danger dog (a hot dog wrapped in pepper bacon, deep fried, covered in chili sauce and sauteed onions). All offerings available in 100% all beef, Field Roast Veggie, or a rotating selection of locally made sausages. The new location will open mid-April on “the Ave” in the University District. Po Dog will carve out a 635 sqft space adjacent to Rudy’s barbershop. When asked why her restaurants are in such small storefronts (the Capitol Hill location is just over 900 sqft) Olson had this to say with a grin; “Our wieners just fit better in tight spaces”. Besides being know for her delicious dogs, Po Dog has received much admiration for their tongue and cheek advertising. There seems to be an endless supply of wiener jokes constantly being exchange via Twitter between Ms. Olson and her cult following. “We are lucky to have such a wonderful and diverse clientele which has made Po Dog fun and exciting not only for our customers but for all of us working here” Po Dog University District will feature her signature 12 dogs as well as a monthly rotating special. The recent addition of Uli’s famous sausages to Po Dogs’ menu has added a new dimension to their irresistible offerings. So set your calendar to grab a cold beer and hot dog at Po Dog! 

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11 thoughts on “Po Dog to open second location

  1. Are we supposed to like this place because this woman has a terrific smile? What does this picture have to do with hot dogs? Pity the poor shops without a photogenic face.

  2. “What does this picture have to do with hot dogs?”

    the article is about the owner (pictured) of a hot dog restaurant announcing plans that she’s opening a new location. it’s not specifically about the food the restaurant serves.

  3. Its too bad they are going corporate and not doing a Seattle-esque type of expansion, new store name for a new neighborhood. Capitol hill store will lose its draw, score one for the u-dist!

  4. could that picture be any bigger? How about a picture of Po-Dog instead. It would actually make more sense for the article.

  5. Corporate? That’s funny! Aren’t we as hill natives supposed to support our small businesses? Ever heard of Cafe Vita? They have what six stores? (including one in Tacoma!!!) You don’t see them going into new areas as Cafe Roma… if they changed their name and product everywhere they opened they would go out of business. How do you expect a small business owner who knows hotdogs to open a pizza restaurant? Cupcake Royale, Trophy, Fuel, All-City, Stumptown, now Homegrown (fremont), all of these have numerous locations but and never change their names. You are asking people who have taken a huge risk none of us would ever dare take, to do it again and again and again. Maybe think a little next time before you post. I for one love Cafe Vita, Cupcake Royale and even Stumptown with their store in New York. I don’t consider any of them corporate, instead they are great business started by local people who had more vision and drive than I will ever have.

  6. All this for over priced hot dogs?

    Sure, export it to the world, new product like hot dogs…..

    U Dist. student are cheap. But, maybe the chic appeal of the 8.00 hot dog will catch on…..

  7. Schultzy’s sausage is the same price point so I am sure it won’t be a problem for students. Do you ever eat in the U District?