Retrofit makes a move off 12th

Retrofit Home, a contemporary furnishings and craft store, currently nestled between Pacific Supply and La Spiga is moving two blocks northwest to the southeast corner of 11th & Pike (former home of Aria). Jön Milazzo, a co-owner of the store with Lori Pomeranz, told CHS that Retrofit expects to occupy the new location in late May/early June.   Jön explained that the…

“new space fits the direction that our store has evolved into, that of a neighborhood-y department store, as we sell furniture, furnishings, lighting, rugs, gifts, womens accessories and jewelry… plus it has room for office and storage, we are oh so HAPPY to have more storage.”
When asked if there was anything Retrofit wanted to communicate to CHS readers, Jön replied with the following:
After 5 years we are SO excited to be reinventing the store. we’ve noticed and paid attention to what our neighborhood seems to want(so keep telling us, we do listen!). we just got back from an ‘inspiration’ trip to NYC and in addition to seeing some really cool stuff, we discovered that we look pretty darn good in comparison, our whole neighborhood does!we’re bringing in some fantastic new lines with some really great lower prices.and we need a fabulous tenant for our current space(it would make an awsome bar/restaurant) so feel free to find us one, ha!
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4 thoughts on “Retrofit makes a move off 12th

  1. I love Retrofit – very unique store on the Hill and I’ve picked up so many fun, useful things there. Glad they’re sticking around!

  2. surprised it was empty for so long since it’s an ideal location in the heart of the hippest neighborhood in town and happy that it’s a RETAIL tenant…and, we don’t need another bloody overpriced, yuppie bar/restaurant in the OLD Retrofit space…MORE retail please, and something fun and diverse.