Starbucks: Artist’s show wasn’t canceled. Only postponed. Indefinitely. – UPDATE

Starbucks says that the Roy Street Coffee art showing by Capitol Hill artist Megan Myers wasn’t canceled — it was only postponed:

“There was a miscommunication and the show will be rescheduled. There were just some logistics for the show that needed be taken care of first, but those are being worked out.”

Those are the words of a Starbucks spokesperson to the Seattle Times coffee blogger who has become an intermediary in the mixed-up jumble.

Times blogger Melissa Allison explains Starbucks corporate’s explanation of the situation:

After I contacted Starbucks to ask for a comment, they called Myers to say there was a misunderstanding. Her show wasn’t really canceled. It won’t open next weekend, but at some undecided point in the future, if she is still interested.

We haven’t spoken with Myers again but reportedly she is turning down the Starbucks opportunity. UPDATE 7:30 PM: We received an e-mail from Myers with some more information — and some good news.

Myers writes:

After the Seattle Times called Starbucks for comment on the situation, I received an immediate call from the Roy  employee I have been working with. On behalf of Starbucks. She apologized that there had been a “miscommunication” and they didn’t mean that the show needed to be canceled. They offered that I show at the location at a “future date” which they couldn’t name, and said that the space had just not been ready yet for artwork to be shown.

I politely declined to show there in the future.

Myers also tells us she already has a new show lined up. Her new show will be opening up on February 11th as part of the monthly Capitol Hill art walk. Her host? Capitol Hill indie ice cream shop and cafe, Bluebird on Pike just above 12th.

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7 thoughts on “Starbucks: Artist’s show wasn’t canceled. Only postponed. Indefinitely. – UPDATE

  1. She’s a Seattle U grad and she’s done artwork all over the world. I went to Belize and saw and orphanage she had worked at. She turned drab concrete into wonderful murals for the kids.
    I’m excited Bluebird will be showing her pieces!

  2. A faux local corporate behemoth actually coming through…

    I’m not sure why someone would decline exposure to their art in a space like this being their was just a miscommunication.

  3. It’s called bad PR. I am so disgusted by the naivete of liberal yuppies. You idiots would have supported Hitler if only he’d smile more.

  4. I agree! Her artwork would look fantastic in an orphanage. It protrays a specific type of melancholy that would appeal to juveniles who are in a tough spot in their life.