Volunteer Park Cafe will raise chickens, expand garden

Urban farming has been growing in popularity of late.  Four scores from now, historians may identify the apex of this trend as the year 2010.  I first became aware of the possibility of urban farming after reading Novella Carpenter’s Farm City.  Now, we have Cherry Hill Urban Farm and Alleycat Acres bringing chickens and farming to Capitol Hill and bordering neighborhoods.  Another parallel trend that may hit its stride in 2010 has been restaurants sourcing their produce and herbs from their own gardens.  The originator and most notable practitioner of this trend in the Seattle area has been The Herbfarm.   More recently, Tamara Murphy’s conception of Terra Plata for the Melrose Development (now facing a cloudy future) had included a rooftop garden. 

At the convergence of these trends lies Volunteer Park Cafe. Last week, they secured a free chicken coop (where else but) through Craigslist.   We asked them about their plans for the chicken coop, and here is what Kristen Graham, their representative told us:

As you have probably noticed, the garden is a work in  progress. The goal is to have chickens in the garden area by April 1. VPC will have three-five hens (Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, and Arucauna) and they will be pullets (layers under one-year).  Eggs will be used for special occasion dinners, wine dinners, Sunday Summer Supper (starting in June) and special desserts

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One thought on “Volunteer Park Cafe will raise chickens, expand garden

  1. Five hens, maybe three eggs a day over many months average.

    IF they like their feed, are given the right light/darkness ratio and many other things.

    So, sold for “special” food these eggs will indeed be golden.

    I have friends in small farm settings, and, true the freshest of eggs just out of the nest are very tasty.

    Almost comic in many ways in that a less than factory chicken farm/ranch with 5,000 hens would produce eggs of the same quality. And maybe happier chickens/hens, free range room to roam a bit with more friends!!! Roosters anyone?? Fertile eggs are another premium … you bet, tell the coop people.

    Get out you wallets and the green to complement the golden ….

    Bon Appetit.