Jigsaw Renaissance makes something of former Mallow space

We’re soft-launching a sister site over First Hill way — and there’s some fun news about an interesting new business on Madison to help get the site started. From

1026 Madison, the former home of departed European boutique Mallow, is now home to Jigsaw Renaissance.

“Basically, we’re a place for people to learn or create anything,” co-owner Lion Kimbro tells FHS.  We have a drill press, band saw, wood, myriad tools, a sewing machine, a fridge, and many many more things.  We’re like an unschool for adults.”

Kimbro says Saturdays between 12 and 6 PM is a good time for stopping by. “It’s our ‘open house’ time,” Kimbro said. This Saturday, Jigsaw is planning to host lessons from a bonsai expert, by the way, so bring your scissors.

If you’d like to help with the site — hey, we pay! — drop a note to

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