Jubilee’s graduates grateful for transitional housing

Two years ago, Jubilee Women’s Center, a provider of transitional housing for homeless women undertook a major renovation of their facility at 620 18th Avenue East.  They raised $5M to upgrade the 1950s-era convent into a modern building.  Katy Childers, Jubilee’s Director of Development, emphasizes that without the support Jubilee received from the Capitol Hill community, Jubilee would not have been able to stretch the $5M to upgrade the entire 13,000 sq ft building.  Jubilee received significant in kind donations from The Color Store (now in SoDo) and their neighbor St. Joseph’s.  Women are allowed to stay at Jubilee for a maximum of two years, so we wanted to take a look at the results of this community supported initiative.

Here are some thoughts on Jubilee from women that are moving out:

 When I first came to Jubilee I was asked to speak at the opening in front of the Bishop – for a hard core Catholic School girl, this was a monumental gift… I want to say thank you to the sisters who had the vision of what to do with an empty convent. J (In recovery)

 I was very blessed to be a part of Jubilee…Jubilee was a very warm and strong place to be. The staff at Jubilee helped me to have confidence in myself and get on the right road again. When I left I had the tools in my belt to get things done I had to do…I am forever grateful to have walked through the doors of Jubilee. That is where I started my new life and journey. Forever grateful, S (In recovery, has been reunited with her family)

 Jubilee was a place where I could breathe again and get back on my feet… Thank God for Jubilee!  I found a new family and women who really cared.  Now I know what it means to have and be a friend during a time of need…Jubilee gave me the time to learn new life skills… Thanks to Jubilee, I am living on my own in a one bedroom apartment with a beautiful view of Seattle and interning at a local trauma hospital.  I cannot thank them enough for helping me get back on my feet again. K (Came to Jubilee after a domestic violence situation)

If you’re interested in supporting Jubilee, they are offering to send Mother’s Day cards (falls on 5/9/10 this year) in the name of any person who donates any amount.


Public Television aired Jubilee’s story last year.

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2 thoughts on “Jubilee’s graduates grateful for transitional housing

  1. Nice to see an American neighborhood give a hand up to others in need. Sounds like a great transitional place to regroup, recover, and gain strength. Keep up the good work!