Protest against police brutality starts at Seattle Central – UPDATE

A protester yells at police officers outside Rancho Bravo on E. Pine

A sometimes violent protest against police brutality filled the streets and sidewalks of Pike/Pine and Broadway this afternoon. At least three people were detained after a group attempted to push a dumpster into Pine street across from Bobby Morris playfield but were stopped by a swift response from police officers. A heavy police presence including officers on foot, on bikes and on horseback accompanied the marchers following recent violence at a similar protest in Olympia. One mounted police officer was hit in the helmet by what was later determined to be a light bulb. You can find our live coverage of the day’s events below. We will be updating this post as we learn more about those taken into custody and have a chance to talk with SPD officials about their response.

A folded flyer distributed by some in the crowd was titled “Some People Shoot Back” and featured a target silhouette on its cover. Inside, the flyer makes references to the November 2008 assault of a 15-year-old girl by a King County Sheriff’s Deputy, and Christopher Monfort, the man facing trial in the slaying of East Precinct cop, Tim Brenton. “This is a system built on our misery,” the flyer states. “It is no coincidence that sometimes people snap, and do whatever they can to fight back against the agents of this system.”

Background on the protest from

After the recent uprisings in Portland in response to two police murders, a call has gone out for “West Coast Days of Action April 8th and 9th, From the Bay to the Sound: No More Police Killings!” The call to action reads in part: “Organize protests and autonomous actions in your own city! … The only times the police have ever been held responsible for their murders is when we take to the streets and halt business as usual. Following the law, being peaceful, being quiet, has never discouraged police violence, because it is the function of the police to use violence against the exploited, against the oppressed, against those who fight back.” Announced actions include non-violent civil disobedience at Embarcadero BART station in San Francisco on April 8th and an Anti-Police General Assembly in Portland and a march against police brutality in Seattle on April 9th

Here is coverage of the fatal Portland police shootings referenced above.

Our news partners got the call back from SPD before we did and are reporting five arrested:

Seattle Police spokeswoman Renee Witt said the five were arrested during a march in the Capitol Hill neighborhood Friday afternoon for investigation of crimes ranging from trespassing to inciting a riot.

Here is the report on the events from the SPD Blotter:

Five arrests in Capitol Hill demonstration

On April 9th at approximately Noon a demonstration began on Capitol Hill.  This was an apparent anarchist event.  Uniformed patrol officers, bicycle patrol officers, and mounted patrol officers staffed the event.  The event was peaceful at first.

At about 1:00 p.m. an unknown person in the crowd threw a light bulb filled with red paint at a mounted patrol officer.  It struck the officer on the back of his helmet.  The bulb broke when it hit the ground.  Neither the officer nor the horse was injured.

A group of suspects then began to roll nearby dumpsters towards a police line.  Officers quickly arrested two adult males and one adult female (all three in their early twenties) that were involved in this activity.  Two juvenile male suspects, both 17 years old, were stopped after they attempted to hide a backpack.  In that backpack were at least six more paint-filled light bulbs.  Both juvenile suspects were placed under arrest and later released when the Youth Service Center declined them.  A request for Investigation of Assault charges will be forwarded to the prosecuting attorney’s office.

The crowd dispersed fairly quickly after the arrests were made.  One adult male suspect and the adult female suspect were booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Assault, a felony charge.  The other adult male suspect was booked into the King County Jail for Obstruction and Resisting Arrest.

The incident was completely finished around 3:30 p.m.  There were no reported injuries or property destruction due to this event.

Original Report:
A group of around 100 protesters is marching on Capitol Hill this afternoon to speak out against police brutality. A heavy police presence accompanies after a similar protest in Olympia turned violent.

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57 thoughts on “Protest against police brutality starts at Seattle Central – UPDATE

  1. How is this a protest if within only a few minutes people are trying to cause havoc and attaching police? How do these “protesters” expect to be heard with respect when they lower themselves with ignorant actions? I know its only a few of the “masked” protesters likely trying to cause damage, but the other protesters should have taken them in line or removed them from the group.

  2. can be effective, but throwing an object at an officer and trying to push a dumpster into the street seems out of line. Casts a bad light on an otherwise valid protest, in my opinion.

    Speaking of 1st Amendment rights, there is an immigration reform rally at occidental park tomorrow. Starts at noon.

  3. I was at the protest, and it seemed to be not very well coordinated. I’m also unsure if there were many discussions about the what various strategies were supposed to accomplish. I’m not in favor of orienting everything towards merely getting good press and publicity (it’s such a cliche and mainstream argument), but I would have liked to see more creativity than “anarchists angry! anarchists smash!”
    If we’re protesting how police are violent and reactionary, is it not ironic when we respond in a similar manner?

    That said, I would still like to show support and solidarity for the people who were arrested and beat up by the cops today. Their hearts are in the right place, and they acted bravely, regardless whether their tactics were effective or not.

  4. What is the brutality that they are protesting. Seattle is about as soft as it gets due to our left leaning views on crime and punishment. I’ve been here a long time, never once had my butt kicked by the po po, even though it would have been well deserved many a time. Every time I have crossed paths with the SPD they have been nothing but professional. Except that one time in Jack and the Box at 2:30am when I was being obnoxious, and I’m pretty sure I deserved that one. No mark, no foul, eh?

  5. It is often quite desirable to frame any opposition as being the ones who behave badly. I don’t see the point in putting on an event like this unless one desires some sort of painful experience, as a sign of martyrdom for a larger cause. No one can be certain of anyone telling the truth about who started anything, who infiltrated anything, who provoked anything, or what anyone’s intent was. Our “Ministry of Truth” will eventually set us all straight about what they want us to think happened in this case and all others.

  6. Are you serious? “I don’t see the point of putting on an event like this unless one desires some sort of painful experience” perhaps I’m misunderstanding your doublespeak but, if not, that’s an incredibly irresponsible justification of today’s action. And it’s never been proven, in my experience, to be the case.

    I’ll have to assume that I misundersatand you. Perhaps the local Ministry of truth can enlighten me. I’ve had my fill of anarchy, thanks much. I prefer strong, healthy, well-reasoned and organized dissent

  7. The “anarchists” are to be condemned, those who willingly break the law. Sometimes a good protest is organized, and mischief-makers infiltrate to discredit the meaning and intent. When a good, well-organized protest or dissenting opinion makes itself known, it is likely there will be some who will infiltrate that organization to discredit it or make it appear as if all participants are of the ilk of the light bulb tossers or dumpster rollers. A protest against police brutality is a perfect target for such an operation. When it “turns violent,” it is never fully known who or what entity or faction was responsible for provocation.

  8. What police brutality are they protesting? Explain please. Or is there no actual police brutality incident and they’re just protesting police brutality in general? That would be funny. Or maybe they’re holding the protest in the hopes of inciting police brutality. Like a protest feedback-loop. Self-generating protests!

  9. Basically my original point. No reason to hold an event like this except to expect something. Unless there is an exposure on the part of the protestors to certain media in which events are collated and and an apparent pattern emerges.

  10. These “protestors” are pathetic. Police brutality? Really? You can’t find a better cause than that? Here’s a suggestion: How about protesting lazy, uninvolved parents who fail to raise their children and turn them loose on the streets to assault and intimitate others and destroy property? There are about 1000X more problems associated with that epidemic than any police brutality.

    Oh wait, that makes too much sense and doesn’t serve the anti-authoritarian adolescence that you are stuck in.

  11. Why is it always these same ones with the black hoodies and the bandannas over their face? Fuck The Police! What a well thought out, influential and intelligent political message this group has!

  12. Some just don’t like seeing people get hurt unnecessarily. Skewed framing of supposed opposition has arrived.

  13. Did anyone ever find out what happened to the SPD officers who
    held a University District jaywalker on the ground and kicked him in the head
    while telling him to stop resisting arrest

    I’m curious about:

    1. What came of the OPA finding of excessive force that was described in the OPA semi-annual report that was released in December of 2008

    2. How to determine whether some people in plain clothes who jump out of an unmarked car and come after me are police officers (i.e., At what point should I stop fleeing and ask to see a badge? If one of them attacks my friend but claims to be a police officer, should I take his word for it and leave my friend to fend for himself?)

    3. How someone can best avoid “resisting arrest” in this sort of situation (one in which he tries, reflexively, to protect his head while a police officer, is beating it).

    A good place to look into police brutality in Seattle is the Injustice in Seattle blog.

  14. Dumbfuck Douchebags: Teabaggers
    Equally Dumbfuck Douchebags: Protesting Police Brutality in a Liberal city that seldom experiences law enforcement excesses AND in a city/region where brutality AGAINST the police has been far greater than any sort of brutality FROM the police in the last year.

  15. 1: They are ALL dressed in Black
    2: They are just around the corner from the Gary Manuel Hair salon/school


    … or do are we seeing the first signs of an anarcho-hair stylist uprising ?

  16. They’re obviously trying their damnedest to goad the police into an act of police brutality. What a waste of time and energy. These morons need to get a life.

  17. Rather painting with a broad brush. The framing of “two oppositional forces.” Not a very balanced or well thought out protest. The IndyMedia site is not very balanced. But neither are the hyper-authoritarian types. Reaction, over-reaction, etc. Difficult to live a peaceful, law-abiding life in this sort of social milieu without being pressured to take a side.

  18. America is not truly left vs. right, it’s top vs. bottom. Some afford lawyers to escape jail and some don’t. Left and right continue to be inaccurate labels. There is not, and never precisely the cardinal number “two” of choices of opinions or positions.

  19. Michael – you were there when the police rampaged – out of control up and down Bwy. during WTO. They used aggressive, tons of strong old military formula tear gas on everybody, beat people up, chased them around, intimidated anyone just on the sidewalk – you do remember those chaotic three days?

    And what was the respose response from the BIA or Broadway businesses? Simpering, blaming activists who spoke out and met with the media. When you say reasoned response, you really mean, NO response.

    I think this action was shit, bad theme, no focus. But police bad conduct happens all the time – real responses in the street is fine with me. Yes, I was gassed during WTO and had to go to the hospital for the night…. delicate lungs. Just happened to be there. Shitty stuff.

  20. I see no violence from the demo – just chanting and walking on the sidewalk – away from the precinct – maybe the cops were not happy cause there was little action? — free speech?

  21. If they stay in Seattle – I bet they all get laid. Is that a life when you are young, sexy, and full of energy and tales to tell?

  22. This is to all the protestors. You think you hide behind those masks but we know each and every one of you. You praise those cowards who slain law enforcement? You hide like some losers and try to disturb the peace.
    Don’t try and test our patience. We will deport the entire bunch of you to a third world country.

  23. When/where is the rally being held with the message of not killing cops?

    Six local police officers killed in three months and people are surprised that they resort to force or occasionally discharge their weapons!?

  24. You sound totally silly.

    Go back to Kansas or Alabama. The group may be off the wall, but, we a all know that… and consider it a non event.

    Move on, and get a life of your own.

    I wonder what you were concerned about at 20, aside from cheap beer and sucking cock.

  25. I attended (but was not involved at all with organizing) the March today, and from what I saw it was mostly peaceful, though I apparently came after the light bulb was thrown. In spite of that incident, though a bit loud, the march was pretty calm; there was a high energy in the air, but it’d be an overstatement to say there was “Havoc”.

    I take issue with the SPD’s characterization of the March as an “Anarchist event”. While there were undoubtably Anarchists there, quite visibly, I and a few people I talked to (yes, Non-masked or black clad) were Non-anarchists who were there to show solidarity for a cause that is really important. I’m sympathetic to the idea that police are in a position to violently abuse their power. I moved here from the SF Bay Area in July, where just a short time ago, Police shot and killed a man point blank in the back while he was handcuffed and being held to the ground, in front of multiple witnesses filming on their phones. In spite of the evidence provided by these witnesses, Charges weren’t filed against the officer until AFTER a large protest filled the streets of Oakland. You don’t have to wear a mask or black hoodie to think that Police Brutality needs to addressed and fought against. The SPD’s response of branding the event as “apparently anarchist” seems to me to just be an attempt to marginalize the movement against unrestrained police violence on citizens, or for greater community oversight into police abuse.

    As to why such a protest should occur in so-called “liberal” Seattle? Besides the above mentioned incidents that Phil Moeck pointed out, this was an coordinated solidarity event that took place all up and down the West Coast–as pointed out in the flyers that were handed out. Even if there WERE no documented incidents of Police Brutality in Seattle proper, it’s important to let know Police know that there ARE people who will focus attention on Police Misconduct. While I’m hesitant to paint all cops with one brush, if all the good cops out there know they have to be on their best behavior because there’s someone looking over their shoulder, then the bad cops more willing to abuse their power will have to be twice as vigilant and careful what they do and how they treat people. Better an ounce of prevention than a pound of cure.

    Lastly, I’m all for intentional civil disobedience. While I don’t condone violence against cops, or anyone, sometimes laws have to be broken to make a statement. If that takes pushing a dumpster into the street, so be it. Dr. Martin Luther King was chastised for his “radical” street protests by other Clergy, but those protests did the job of making the struggle visible and impossible to ignore. Simply calling these protestors “pathetic adolescents” for their tactics ignores the valid points they are making (aside from the fact that there WERE older participants in the March).

    I saw you there, Jseattle, taking notes. While I think you did a great job of reporting and documenting this event, I do think pictures of masked and blackclad activists were a bit overrepresented in the article, feeding the SPD’s myth that this event was made up only of “extremists”. There were many casually dressed Capital Hill Denizens and students marching as well. That’s my only quibble.

    Sorry for the long post, I don’t normally comment, but I thought I needed to add another point of view of this important event!

  26. Thanks for your reason and perspective. It’s appreciated. As for the mix of people in the crowd, there were definitely all types but, especially in the first hour, there was a sizable contingent of masks and they were, of course, the most active and aggressive participants. By the end on Broadway, all that were left were students and most of the masks were gone. I’ll add more pictures to the flickr set — while limited to what my lens was trained on, I feel like they represent what I saw today.

  27. You are either misinformed or willfully ignorant, Coffee Forever, if you think the BIA and the Broadway business community simpered at the police with no response over WTO. Not only did we meet with the police we met with the Mayor’s office and the Department of Neighborhoods and very vocally made our voices heard. There were businesses that were vandalized and they weren’t happy about it, yes. But our meetings focused on the war zone that Capitol Hill became during those three days, largely due to ineffective preperation by the police. We were very clear about our position in speaking with and following up with SPD. None of us were thinking about our cash registers in those three days – I can assure you – all of us were thinking about our employees and our neighbors. I’m sure that doesn’t fit your idea of our establishment mindset but it is the truth.

  28. Put ’em in the street and set a fire …. nice added backdrop to any event. Safe, contained, brings fire trucks, good photo op.

    Very well used during WTO – many times.

    About the same reason the frat boys do it to mess with the cops on a reg. basis – but they just burn stuff, no ethic like the anarchists who use the dumpster rather than an open fire …

    I am a fire sign – so fire always has my attention. Yes in second grade being a fireman was very big .. but then …


  29. I think that most of the people in a “protest” like this are not sincerely interested in the cause…in this case, “police brutality” which as others have pointed out is almost nonexistant in Seattle…but instead just think it’s “cool” to be in an action against authority…something they can talk about with their friends, and get some much-needed attention.

    At the WTO, both sides were guilty of misbehavior and even criminal acts, but that was over ten years ago now!….a bit late to be using that as evidence of police brutality. Yes, police officers are not perfect and at times they over-react, but in general they do a great job, and I thank them for that. I truly do not understand why some people have so much anger towards them. If you are a law-abiding citizen, you have nothing to worry about.

  30. Protesters have a right to wear masks and should– as should observers and bystanders. The plan may be to remain peaceful while exercising the right to assemble but one should NEVER assume police will extend that same courtesy. Citizens can be rational all day long and it still won’t matter if a cop doesn’t care about your civil liberties. Stonewall riots to WTO should teach us that much. Hope for no gassing but expect that it could happen. Bring a mask.

  31. All OK – just up to the moment you are on your belly with some guy with his knee in your back, and another spraying you into agony.

    Or the ten year old that gets tasered.

    Or, the trooper who gets sex as trade for tickets…. must be a thrill for the women.

    Sir, you live in a bubble and think mommie will protect you till death from the bad stuff.

    I have never been arrested, sued or been in court. But know well some problems with rouge cops and police riots … and had to stop driving a nice old T Bird thru the Central Dist ’cause I got stopped all the time – “just to check things out” – one time it was the slightly bent front plate. Another, time, oh, we thought the tail light might be a little dim ….

    Public outcry against police violence can never be out of place. Never. It is one step away for any of us.

  32. Upon moving here years ago one of the first things I noticed in the local news was damn, for a city as small as Seattle the police were involved in no small amount of questionable actions against its citizens, and they weren’t very willing to own up to a bit of it. Fraud, being trigger-happy, the usual brutality, or the reverse end of the spectrum- sitting on their high horses (literally) doing nothing during Mardi Gras in Pioneer Square while bad juju brewed into mayhem and resulted in a kid being murdered right under their noses.

    I could list more specific examples, maybe after I have my coffee, but probably won’t because the subject in unpleasant and tired. Looking ahead is important. Really looking, not just choosing to wear blinders because reality doesn’t go well with your outfit or whatever. I’d like to think things have improved in the police department but to say they were always fine is incorrect. The current police force would be hard-pressed to a find way in which abuses could have worsened, but accountability still seems to be an issue.

    Seattle does have its share of dirty cops. As a law-abiding citizen and a taxpayer (not one of these black hoodie-wearing kids people often mistakenly refer to as “anarchists”), I will stand in opposition to dirty cops. Responsible people know it is not unreasonable to refuse to tolerate or defend police who have broken the law. It’s certainly unreasonable to be marching in lockstep with them.

    To point out the glaringly obvious to those feigning apathy towards the message of those against police brutality- Police aren’t any more or less than public servants and regular human beings. They aren’t infallible gods, nor are they being paid by you to rule over you with brute force while they skirt the legal process. You know, judges, trials, juries, that whole thing. Doling out judgement and acting as executioner is not their job. Not even one iota.

    If you’re law-abiding and yet somehow still intimidated by police (even if they’ve taken you into custody). or you’re inflating their real purpose in your mind, then something is wrong with both you and our system of law enforcement.

  33. To all the non-participants and peaceful civillians who were gassed during protests in the last 50-100 years: The protesters are watching you. They will probably loan you an extra hanky to use as a mask so you can breathe. Bet you wish you had brought one, huh? No need to remain down on your knees, you’ll be gassed either way.

  34. It’s sad that no one can see why these people fo these protests. Oh they are just anarchists. No! We are Sick and tired of the police abusing there power. It’s no wonder cops are getting shot, good I hope they start to get the message that they Are sworn to protect the laws and are not above the laws. Dirty pigs.

  35. Good cops are on their best behavior because that’s what good cops do. It’s got nothing to do with the fear of someone looking over their shoulders, although I suppose it makes people feel important if they believe that.

    Cops these days have trackable GPS in their cars, video cameras everywhere (cars, precincts, holding cells, courtrooms, hallways), portable microphones on their bodies, oversight committees, monitored e-mail accounts, all of their personnel documents are discoverable and subject to public disclosure, as is just about anything they do via electronic media including e-mails, text messages, and social networking and blog site posts, as well as the ever present media and “concerned citizen” factions. Talk about “Big Brother?” Does your employer have an entire DIVISION created for the sole purpose of trying to root out corruption and bust bad employees?

    I’m all for rooting out bad cops, but the reason why good cops are good cops is because that’s who they are, not because of ANYTHING you do. Seriously.

    As for the march itself, as soon as the masked kids tried to take the street and got pushed back to the sidewalk, it was VERY apparent who the REAL protesters were vs the kids that just wanted to make trouble. The real protesters hung back and disassociated themselves from the rabble-rousers who pushed to the front. Gee, guess which group chucked the lightbulb and pushed the dumpster onto the bike cops?

    Those kids ruined what could have been a legitimate and respectable protest.

  36. Oh Charlie, you lose all credibility and your argument falls flat when you condone the recent shootings of Seattle area officers. It also makes you sound like an ass.

  37. I do not condone the police shootings. I don’t condone the innocent lives that have been taken by police hands either. If police and citizens would play fair we would find the cure to this bs.

  38. To call all police officers “dirty pigs” is just plain inaccurate, and to condone the recent blatant murders of police is incredibly cold and mean.

    No one will listen to you, let alone respect your point of view, with drivel like this.

  39. Why are people taken back when a cop dies by some crazed maniac. Wich I do not condone, but when a teen age girl gets beat up in jail by a cop it’s okay. WTF. I have been assaulted first hand by these people that are sworn to protect and serve. Oh , and don’t think they don’t try to get people to react. That’s what they want so they have a reason to use forse. There power has gone to there heads. They think they are super human. So when a cop dies by the hands of crazy people I think it evens out the score of all the innocent lives that have been lost by there trigger happy fingers. Oh that’s wrong right? But they were cops. So what ,we are all human and NO ONE is above the laws. No one deserves to be killed, but it happens. It’s life. Cops and criminals actually share the same mantalitty. They are legal murderers in our society themselves.

  40. Charlie, no one is saying the idea behind the protest isn’t a valid one. Police accountability is a good thing, there HAVE to be checks and balances in the system.

    Your blanket statements condemning police action is NOT excused by the lame caveats of “well I don’t condone killing.” You obviously have a beef with police as a whole, not just the ones that allegedly “assaulted” you, but the group as a whole – which means you’re too immature to individuate personal actions from the actions of a group. You hate all Black people because a Black driver didn’t yield for you when you were crossing in a crosswalk? What about the old White guy who chastised you because your pants were sagging? Hate all old people too?

    What’s tragic about your juvenile attitude is that in one sentence you cry out that cops are just people like anyone else and then proclaim that you feel that when a police officer is murdered that it “evens out the score.” But then, you say you don’t condone it.

    You’re confused. Do a little introspection and figure out what you’re so pissed off about. It’s easy to rant and rail against the system, and it’s really easy to talk crap to an “authority figure” that you KNOW isn’t going to stoop to your level and respond in kind.

    It’s even EASIER to vent on the internet knowing that you don’t have to be held accountable for the words you write…but I guess that is kinda the same thing that happened at that “protest”; a bunch of pissed-off masked kids blowing it for everyone else by screaming at thier” dad figures” without having to face up to any consequences.

    In sum:

    Police Accountability = good
    Getting Rid of Bad Cops = good
    Realizing that hating people of any stature is idiotic = good
    Educating yourself about how to affect positive systemic change = priceless.

  41. the mayor tells the cops what to do.. has anyone protested the portland mayor yet? why cant the activist attack the securitas security firm that is a front from homeland security grants attacking people for needing to use a civilized emergency bathroom break? bartells pockets federal healthcare subsidies , grants, capital gains tax breaks, and regular business writeoffs based on them benfitting the local community.. as far as the end of the video where the girl with the fine ass is being processed intothe paddy wagon..the cop should be given a harassment ticket for obviously getting his cheap thrills spanking her ass where it was obvious it was all ass…

  42. Vengeance, a motivation which serves nobody. The existence of one cruelty is not a reason to create more cruelties; quite the opposite, in fact. Vengeance helps nothing.


    White police brutality is on the up in America or rather is being recorded more . It could be that it at the same level it always was! White American are taught from birth that blacks are the bad people and whites are the bad people! When is the country going to realize that some white police officers are sick with racist and hatful beliefs of minorities especially black Americans adult and children especially black males! In the first six months of 2010 white cops have murder or injure nearly 100 black children under17 years old! Watching the new today another white cop caught on video beating an American citizen! Now sometimes the police officer is BLACK …Shamefully some black police officer become just as evil and abusive as white police officers! Some black officers feel also that they must treat black people with disrespect and abuse to not be looked at as respectful towards black people! Prosecutors have released potentially explosive evidence against a black NYPD officer on trial for beating a black man with his baton. That alleged victim is an black Iraqi war veteran.
    Prosecutors are relying on the piece of video, because the alleged victim cannot be found.
    Nobody is disputing the beating itself, or whether it’s police brutality and whether the officer tried to cover it up. The video is high quality and crystal clear, but whether Housing Officer David London went too far is still blurry and still up to a jury.The video taken from security cameras shows the 45-year-old housing cop beating an Iraq war veteran with is baton.
    It happened at an Upper West Side public housing development.The alleged victim, 28-year-old Walter Harvin had just returned from Iraq and was at his mom’s apartment complex.
    In the video Harvin is seen shoving Officer London, and London then reacts by swinging and bashing Harvin with his baton. Even beating the ex-soldier after he’s cuffed.
    Prosecutors say London tried to cover-up the July 2007 assault, but defense attorneys say the officer did what he had to do.He’s charged with 2nd degree assault and filing false records.
    Right now the Manhattan criminal jury is tackling the question on whether London committed an act of police brutality or used necessary force to subdue a suspect.
    The Iraq veteran suffers from PTSD and his location is not known.
    If the officer is convicted, he faces 7 years in prison. Well as usual the cop was found NOT GUILTY and the court system said to the black Iraqi Veteran SO-SAD-TOO-BAD your civil rights are worthless …you are worthless…and it’s more important to keep a abusive cop employed! Someone that could have given their life for that cop and that judge or jury is told NO JUSTICE FOR YOU!

  44. NEW LAW THE Aiyana Jones BILL

    As of this date _____/_____/____________/ no American police officer can murder a unarmed American citizen and remain a police officer! He or she will be fire immediately! And charge with a crime! If the American citizen is unarmed and under the age of 18 years of age! The police Officer be charge with “first degree murder”! If the unarmed American citizen is unarmed and innocent and is injure by being beaten or taser a cop that is found to use unnecessary force! That cop cannot ever have use of that equipment! He or she will be fire immediately!

    All raids that are conducted must investigate first that children under the age of 12 ARE NOT PRESENT! If a child or children are present under the age of 12 years old. A raid cannot be conducted! If a senior citizen is present over the age of 70 year old a raid cannot be conducted!

    A cop CANNOT taser a pregnant American citizen or senior citizen! If a pregnant citizen is injure from being taser that officer will be charge with double offences! Police can no longer place American citizen on the ground to handcuff nor can they place a knee on a American citizen back,neck or head!

    Ones a American citizen is handcuff he or she is place in the patrol car. NOT made to lay on the ground or patrol car. Also a senior citizen on oxygen CANNOT BE TASER!


  45. You think Seattle is bad, in Spokane the killings they have committed here are getting to where you’ll need another hand with five fingers in order to count them, one of them a pastor another a developmental man, another a drunk off duty cop running out of a bar after someone who stole his pickup firing his weapon hitting an unarmed Indian man,
    another person firing his weapon into the air, six cops gunned him down, another was told to drop his gun, five six cops fired twenty or more rounds downing him, like Bonnie & Clyde movie their dead but the body keeping contracting from the bullets continuing to hit it. They have their own internal investigations going non bias of course. They are extremely violent to the point if your pulled over you want to defend yourself cause if you don’t you won’t get a chance too. If you have a pop can it looks like a gun to them so your gonna be dead. They handcuff you, kick you when you are, beat on you, they electrocute you obsessively. They are Criminals with Badges & getting away with Murder. You do not fire upon anyone unless they fire upon you if you squeeze that trigger & he has not, you the Police officer are screwed cause that is the original rule. It needs to be enforced profoundly. You talk them down you negotiate, you do not kill because he is not hearing your command to drop the weapon if you kill you murder.
    P.A.V.O.P.A. People Against Violent Obsessive Police Abuse .

  46. This sounds good to me to the people perhaps how would you propose such a bill? They would not let it get in the door much less on the table. They would have to treat people like humans instead of enemies
    They would consider it being powerless, they couldn’t have that.

  47. Your an idiot.. Seattle police have some of the worst police brutality records in history!! MURDERERS SHOULD BE POT IN JAIL!! THAT MEANS YOU IAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  48. Thanks for posting – good article and pics! I was there for the second day; from Pioneer Square back to 12th and Pine. Not many people and not as focused as on April 9 but you guys started the ball rolling. Thank you people!