SeattleCrime: Caffe Vita pizza and coffee mogul charged with assault, DUI, and hit and run

Our partners at SeattleCrime are reporting that Michael McConnell, owner of the Caffe Vita and Via Tribulani chains and one of the kings of Pike/Pine has been charged with assault, DUI, and hit and run charges after he allegedly crashed into, and then attacked, another motorist near Seattle University last week:


McConnell in a Vita promo shot (far right)
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According to a police report, a man told police he was sitting in his car waiting for the light at James St and Broadway at about 6:00pm on March 31st when black Mercedes, apparently occupied by McConnell, crashed into him from behind.

Both drivers pulled off of the road but, the report says, but McConnell refused to give the victim his information. The report notes the victim smelled alcohol on McConnell’s breath.

McConnell’s attorney—who was driving another vehicle behind McConnell—tried to intervene, the police report says, and told the victim “they would give him $1,500 to pay for the vehicle damages and not call police.”

And that’s when it started getting even more interesting, reports SeattleCrime. Crime reports that McConnell has entered a not guilty plea on all charges, according to court documents. Hop over to SeattleCrime for the full report.

McConnell’s pizza and coffee empire recently expanded to Pioneer Square where the businesses are managed by his son, Chris. The elder McConnell is also behind the new pizza restaurant taking shape next to E. Pike’s Caffe Vita location. Expanding its caffeine-laden offerings, Vita was recently approved for a license to serve beer and wine.

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17 thoughts on “SeattleCrime: Caffe Vita pizza and coffee mogul charged with assault, DUI, and hit and run

  1. Support your local entrepreneurs! This is the downside of feeding the egos of local “businessmen”. They get big heads and think they are above the law. Welcome to liberalism.

  2. look at you now sucka! this dood is always peeling out and showing off and grandstanding thru the town, i am SOOO glad he finally gets a lil attention on the dirt he does. who the hell cruises around with their “attorney” all the time anyways?? this douche ALWAYS talks bout being above the law and how he owns the city. ugh…i can see this jerk getting away with it based on some technicality though…too many people “owe” him favors for this to actually pan out.

  3. It’s illegal to compromise a criminal claim by a settlement offer. That ass clown attorney shoudl have known that.

  4. This whole article is only based on a police report therefore only shining light on ONE side of the story. You can’t make a good judgment based on such little information. All we have is a victim’s account of the situation for whom we know nothing of. This victim is making tall accusations with close to no evidence and no established credibility. Before all you judgmental Seattleites go casting stones you should consider the amount of first-hand information you know regarding this incident; none.

  5. TOTALLY!!!! I agree with you Horses. The story is 100% one sided. I’ve attended plenty of fundraisers that Vita has contributed to and even sponsored. Where are the write ups about those?! It’s a shame that we all jump to spit on the rich guy that gets mud thrown at him. Mike McConnell does lots for Seattle – and his coffee is good too!

  6. This is one half of a story. What kind of car did the other guy drive? We don’t know, but it’s noted that MM was in a Mercedes… This is just one piece of slant in this story. Plain irresponsibly written, and repeated, throughout the bottomfeeding press in this town.

    We all live in a glass house at some point. I hope you all get your trial on a blog, too. Funny, when I see Vita’s name around town, it’s always involved in cultural events and charities…

    We all deserve due process.

  7. You are also making big assumptions that someone involved in cultural events can do no wrong. I am not sure why you believe all of what the media tells you is good about him but not what may be bad.

  8. The comparison of Stumptown to Starbucks is ridiculous. Stumptown serves a good product, as does local business Espresso Vivace! Vivace’s owner is a fanatic about serving the best espresso possible and his team members take painstaking efforts to meet his expectations.