Suspect arrested in pit bull puppy reward money robbery – UPDATE

The suspect in the case of Honey, the missing pit bull puppy, has been arrested for investigation of robbery, according to the Seattle Police Department. We do not know if the dog has been recovered and are still gathering details of the arrest. According to the SPD, detectives tracked the man and picked him up ‘downtown’ this morning. We’ll update with more as we collect it.

Honey, a 15-week-old blue nose pit bull puppy, was picked up from in front of her house on E. Union on Tuesday. A man who told Honey’s owners that he knew where the dog was took one of the owners on a long goose chase to south Seattle on Wednesday before allegedly robbing him at gunpoint and walking off with $800 of the reward money.

SPD tells CHS that the person arrested in this case is a juvenile and will be booked into King County Youth Service Center this afternoon for investigation of robbery. The 17-year-old was picked up this morning by bicycle officers near 4th and Pine. He did not have a dog with him at the time of the arrest. CHS notes that at no time in the course of these reports have we found evidence that this person was in possession of the missing pit bull. The evidence that he committed armed robbery to get the reward money? That’s now in the hands of the King County juvenile legal system.

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13 thoughts on “Suspect arrested in pit bull puppy reward money robbery – UPDATE

  1. Wait a sec… The dog was “picked up from in front of her house”? Was the dog alone? These idiot owners practically invited someone to steal their dog? I’m sorry but these folks sound like they will perpetually be dealing with crises around this dog. Could a responsible owner please steal this dog so nothing bad happens with its current owners?

  2. The dog dug under a fence and someone in a car picked him up and drove off with him. It’s not like they just left him out with a sign reading steal me.

  3. I saw someone with that dog on the bus yesterday. Blue eyed pits are rare so I know it was Honey. Anyway the people who have her are from the south end of Seattle maybe around the Henderson area.

    Hope they find her

  4. If you bothered to read the original post you’d know that the dog escaped the fenced-in yard (I think she dug under it) and ran around the house, at which point someone stopped their white Lexus and picked her up. The owner was in the process of running out to catch the dog when she was picked up.

  5. …fenced in then you not fit to own such a dog. Maybe this dog is with someone that can actually keep her confined. No excuses for letting these dogs roam free.

  6. harsh folks – it was a PUPPY. not a killer yet. i hope she can come home, and that the owners can experience her sweet honey puppy hugs and kisses again. i love dogs and feel their pain.

    sweet puppy huggsies and puppy kisses to all!!

  7. About how gullible they were, I mean.

    Maybe the robber should have told them to come back with the rest of the $1500, and no cops, if they wanted to see the dog again. He could have very well gotten away with it with these suckers.

    I bet these people have an unholy number of magazine subscriptions and memberships in environmental organizations.

  8. I agree completely, but unfortunately it probably won’t happen with the nature of this crime. Juvenile offenders, even for horrendous crimes, seem to get just a few months in juvie, and for many it’s a badge of honor. I think they should get much longer sentences…they are often not “innnocents,” but hardened, immoral criminals.

  9. I can see you havent had the love of a sweet little puppy, and you are bitter.

    I hope the next big ferocious dog you see gives you a big furry doggie kiss and rubs against you! so you can feel their sweet hearted ways and know why they are mans best friend.

    Woof and tails wags to all!

  10. If you don’t have something nice or constructive to say, please go back under your bridge. Why do people need to judge others that have lost so much? Yes, they lost their dog, it snuck out, someone stole it. Stupid, nasty, self-righteous trolls!

  11. Oh yeah, they deserve their loved one to be stolen because of a mistake, and it snuck out. You obviously know so much about these people from this one incident, and are now able to cast your wise judgement on what their punishment should be. Thank you God.

    You’re an idiot. Did you even read the whole story?