Capitol Hill quiz nights: In pursuit of trivia (and a beer)

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Has our very own Capitol Hill Jeopardy Champion inspired you to test your own information recall ability? You’re in luck.  New trivia nights are popping up on the hill this spring, and together with long-standing trivia nights make us Hillites verifiable eggheads. Here’s a cheat sheet of nights & locations, followed by details on entry fees, prizes and more.

Are we missing any? Tell us in a comment. 

Sundays: The Living Room, The Bottleneck
Mondays:  Wild Rose Bar The Capitol Club (now on Wed)
Tuesdays: Hopvine Pub (2x month), Clever Dunne’s, The Lookout, The Lobby Bar, Cafe Metropolitain
Wednesdays: The Capitol Club

Also, slightly off-hill (Eastlake Ave): Mars Bar on Tuesdays, Victory Lounge on Wednesdays. 

The details:

The Living Room // Sunday // 7pm // $10 team or $5 player
1st place cash
Trivia Night with the Huxtables and ‘lil’ Rudy hosted by Drew, Kyle and DeVo. Happy Hour pricing for all participants.

The Bottleneck // Sunday // 7pm // free
Tip: Trivia is regularly held on Game Night at this hill backside neighborhood hangout, but call to confirm just to make sure. 
 Wild Rose Bar and Restaurant //  Monday // 8pm // $2 player
1st place cash, 2nd place bar credit

Hopvine Pub // Tuesday // 8pm // $3 player
1st place cash, 2nd place pitcher of beer
Second and fourth Tuesdays only.
Tip: Go early and eat your supper;  it is packed in by 7:30.

Clever Dunne’s // Tuesday // 8:45pm // free
1st place $40, 2nd $30, 3rd $20
Best team name wins pitcher of beer.
Clever Dunne’s is the place to be for night owls and people whose bosses take a relaxed attitude about showing up on time in the morning: their Tuesday night trivia starts around 9 and may not end until after 1:00 AM. “The Reverends,” Zach and Hector, Host Ryen asks questions in six rounds: general knowledge, theme round, mix & match, pictures, music (artist + title = 2 points), and advanced general knowledge. Difficulty ranges from easy to moderate. The Revs Ryen awards a pitcher of beer for the best (i.e., crudest) team name of the evening.  Follow Clever Dunne’s trivia on Twitter

The Lookout // Tuesday // 7pm // $10 team, $5 player
1st place – cash, 2nd place – entry refunded
Hosted by Drew and Kyle. The quiz consists of five themed rounds. The first four are worth 50 points each, the last round is worth 100 points. Each week there is a Team Name Theme. Names are announced after Round 1. Each team then votes on its favorite team name. The team with the most votes gets a 5 point bonus to Round 2.

The Lobby Bar // Tuesday // 8pm // $3 player
1st place cash, 2nd place round of drinks
Most creative team name wins a round of drinks.
Big Gay Trivia Night questions run the gamut from local trivia, to current events, video/music rounds, to super gay glittery questions, etc. Hosted by Cranny. Friend The Lobby Bar on Facebook for weekly category hints and study guides.

Cafe Metropolitian // Tuesday // 11:00 pm // free
Play for fun with drink specials.

The Capitol Club // Wednesday // 7pm // $10 per team
1st place cash, 2nd place money back

Hosted by Drew and Kyle. Five rounds of ten questions each, First four rounds worth 50 points and last round worth 100. Each week there is a Team Name Theme. Names are announced after Round 1. Each team then votes on its favorite team name. The team with the most votes gets a 5 point bonus to Round 2. The First hour of trivia overlaps with Happy Hour.


Off-Hill: Mars Bar // Tuesday // 8pm // $3 player
1st place wins 2/3 the pot, prizes for 2nd and 3rd
The pub quiz consists of 5 rounds of 8 questions. One third of the entry fees goes into a drawing at the end of the evening. If a team’s score matches the number drawn, they win the money.

Off-Hill:  Victory Lounge // Wednesday // 8pm // $2 team
1st 75% of pot, 2nd 25% of pot, 3rd free pitcher of PBR
Last place team gets to pick a topic category for the next week.
During play there are 6 drink giveaways, plus other prizes. You can win only one giveaway per night.
The movie for the movie category is announced the week before, contact or Facebook VictoryLounge Trivia (just as spelled) to find out which movie it is.

photo use via Creative Commons licensing:: / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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7 thoughts on “Capitol Hill quiz nights: In pursuit of trivia (and a beer)

  1. Since one person mentioned Eastlake – Paddy Coynes on Thomas (behind REI) hosts Trivia on Tuesdays, 7.30pm. It’s a lot of fun, 5 rounds, $2 a person. HH does end at 6 though which is a drag because it is a little pricey, but good times.

  2. Hey Ryen – you should update the Clever Dunne’s listing on the Quiz Night!
    I sent Clever Dunne’s a msg to confirm facts from Quiz Night site, got no response, so I decided to go with what I had.
    How would you describe the quiz night at Clever Dunne’s? I’ll update the post!

  3. Hey this is Kyle (of Kyle and Drew) – just wanted to update to let anyone seeing this know that trivia is now on Wednesday at 7 PM at Capitol Club. We’ve changed from Mondays and moved it back an hour, so it now overlaps with happy hour from 7 until 8. Prizes – 2nd place gets their money back, 1st place takes the rest of the pot, and one team (either 1st or 3rd, depending on the number of teams) gets to choose the theme for one of the 5 rounds the following week.

  4. starting monday jan. 2nd,2012 the deluxe bar and grill will be having trivia nights. it will be from 7-9pm every monday. $2 entry per person with teams of up to 6 people. first prize is the entire cash pot and second prize is beer “schwag” and appetizer coupons. it will be hosted by lisa @LiNK trivia.