A sneak peek inside Capitol Hill’s first ‘hybrid’ news/sports bar: Auto Battery

CHS got an early look inside Auto Battery, the big sports bar little brother of E. Union’s Po Dog, as workers pull the place together for its debut later this week. Thursday night, Auto Battery and Po Dog host the Bounce on This pre-Pride party.

Auto Battery is “soon to open” with 10 large LCD television screens, a full bar, a couple Wii stations for your gaming pleasure and, for old schoolers, two shuffle puck boards in the back. Here’s how Po Dog founder Laura Olson described Auto Battery to us back in December:

Auto Battery is a hybrid News coffee shop and Sports bar (complete with shuffle board tables) It will be open 6am-2am. Feature free wi-fi and 14 televisions.

With the World Cup still in motion for weeks, looks like the Hill will have a prime viewing location added to its roster shortly.

And, yes, conflict of interest alert. Po Dog is a long-time CHS advertiser, the Bounce on This party is co-sponsored by another long-timer in Emerson Salon and two other Pike/Pine businesses we haven’t seen a dime from. What are you waiting for Babeland and Retail Therapy?

13 thoughts on “A sneak peek inside Capitol Hill’s first ‘hybrid’ news/sports bar: Auto Battery

  1. Aside the the opening date – in so called “Pride Week” – what does this place opening have to do with Gay Pride?

    Curious marketing.

  2. I’m also very excited and look forward to the opening of this place. For everything the Hill has, it has been missing a real/true sports bar.

  3. Sure – that is what they say – but – how is it related to Pride? No queer charity, no hosting by LGBT group …

    The other guy is right … getting drunk. Maybe eating a hot dog, queer fashion?

  4. I’m so excited about a sports bar on the Hill. Finally, a place to watch sports, drink cheap beer and eat some kind of meat. A small part of me died every time I walked into FOX Sports. YAYAYAYAYAYYAYA

  5. …well if the beer is priced on the same scale as the hot dogs, it won’t be cheap.

    … have seen tons of sports at the Madison Pub, the Elite and Purr.

    I will go this fall and watch the Hawks …. I am open minded.

    (just eat first)

  6. does this mean the sunday ticket is finally coming to the hill?? i sure hope so, i’m tired of trekking downtown or to qa at 9:30 on sunday mornings.

  7. What’s your problem, Mike? They’re throwing a queer party for pride? Is that not good enough for you? How do they have to theme a pride party for pride to your liking?