Crazy night? Utility pole poster fires return, Barbie doll massacre on First Hill – UPDATE

Thursday night in the city has been very interesting so far with a report of a utility pole poster fire on Pine near Broadway and a strange incident involving the destruction of several Barbie dolls on Boren Ave.

Thanks to Twitter user @kydinseattle for the fantastically weird picture of the small fire set to rock and multilevel marketing posters on a utility pole near the intersection of Pine and Broadway near the newly moved-in Blick Art store. According to the 911 logs, one unit was dispatched to the scene around 7:13 PM. We’ll follow up with the fire department and SPD to see if there’s any more to the story. Last fall, CHS reported on a string of poster fires in the Pike/Pine area including a very similar incident at Pine and 11th in late September. A few weeks later in October, police were looking for a man and a woman who were seen starting another pole fire at 10th and Pike. A week after that, somebody started a fire that burned flyers on a bulletin board in the lobby of the Odd Fellows building. CHS is not aware of any arrests related to those incidents.

Photos: Bruce

Meanwhile, over on First Hill, neighbor Bruce sends in this report and pictures of a peculiar scene on Boren Ave:

So I don’t know if this is news, but around 6pm Barbies came raining down from the building located at 1400 Boren Ave. One was thrown as I was taking these pics. About 12 littered Boren street with traffic crunching them in to different body parts. The Weirdness of the area around Boren and Union continues.

Of course this is news, Bruce.

UPDATE: Seattle Fired Department spokesperson Dana Vander Houwen tells CHS that arson investigators were not called to the scene of the Pine utility pole fire. We’ll see what more we can find out about any concerns authorities might have about this and the previous fires.

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10 thoughts on “Crazy night? Utility pole poster fires return, Barbie doll massacre on First Hill – UPDATE

  1. I love my neighborhood! I’ve seen some bizarre occurances over the years, but the Barbie Massacre WINS! ! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. I saw those people setting the utility pole fire tonight. I was wondering what the hell they were doing… Arson, apparently.

  3. This morning I came out of my apartment and on broadway from pine up to in front of the SCCC bookstore there were VHS tapes hanging from trees that had post its on them that said “watch me.”

    After a little research, they were done by some band “Gladiators Eat Fire” and direct you to their website: where you can watch these crazy videos that don’t really seem to have anything to do with anything.

    But is it a coincidence that a crappy band called “Gladiators Eat Fire” hangs videos on the same street corner that a fire was set on? I bet they’re arsonists.

  4. Can you describe them for us? I’m sure the SPD would like some help..esp if they’re the same nice folks who tried to blaze the bulletin board INSIDE the oddfellows bldg.

  5. I live in the apartment below the (alleged) thrower!!! Two uniformed police officers came to my apartment shortly after I came home from work. They started to ask me questions about the person living above me, but I’ve never met him/her. I told them I heard lots of noise (loud walking and dragging of some sort) from the apartment above me when I got home. They asked to come in so they could look out my windows facing Boren and thats when I noticed all the Barbies. Craaazy!
    I’ve lived here for just over a year and there have been at least 3 instances where multiple police units have been called out to the area. Ahhhh Boren. Never a dull moment.

  6. Wish the SPD would show up to my building when I’ve called numerous times for trespassing on the outside property. It’s been an ongoing problem for years. I’ve lived here for 12 years & the problem has escalated & the tenants have been advised to call 911. Groups of teenagers/adults hang out there daily outside my building next to the freeway, shooting up, litering, tagging & throwing beer bottles onto Boren. It’s the throwing bottles onto the freeway & Boren that concerns me, not to mention its loud when it’s late at night, but nope the SPD doesn’t come, yet they’ll investigate Barbies. Sigh….