Grey future: Gallery’s search for a new home continues

Owner Erik Guttridge of the Grey Gallery tells CHS that he is making long-term plans to continue his business and his search for a new location after losing out in his bid to move his art space and lounge into the new mixed-use development, the Packard Building.

Guttride tells CHS that there aren’t many options on the Hill right now for what he called a “lateral move,” or, in other words, one that wouldn’t require a lengthy, expensive build out.

Guttridge — looking for new love after a break-up with his old 11th Ave location — thought he’d found the perfect new home for his art space and lounge just one avenue away. But he says that another project outbid him — we’re hearing Mediterranean cafe but don’t have anything official yet — and so he’s still on the hunt for the next Grey Gallery.

In the meantime, Guttridge said he plans to start consulting and, if he finds a suitable space that does require an extensive build, plans to transition the art elements of his business to online sales to help pay the bills. Only one problem: You can’t order a corn and oil via the Web.

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3 thoughts on “Grey future: Gallery’s search for a new home continues

  1. Ugh, what a bummer. The Packard building would have been fantastic for Grey II. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for something else!

  2. Maybe they can talk to Ted Schroth and see if he’ll be prepared to go melrose-market on that huge space under trace lofts and split it up across a few businesses… Seems like it’s been empty for years.

  3. Trace Lofts would be a great location… As long as Ted doesn’t go “Melrose Landlord” on their tenants.