Olive Way overhaul: More details from Starbucks on Pride and park

When we first reported Starbucks’ announcement of its plan for a $552,000 redesign of its Olive Way store, we thought it was odd that such a major announcement on the eve of Pride weekend wouldn’t mention the cafe’s place in Capitol Hill’s gay culture. So we asked the corporate coffee giant about it. The answer plus a few questions about the nearby park and an invitation for more, below.

“The Cooler Side of Starbucks”

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From the 2006 Pride Parade

Company spokesperson Stacey Krum tells CHS the timing around Pride was a coincidence. “The timing of the announcement of the remodel does happen to coincide with Pride, but was driven by the filing of permits for the project,” Krum told us via e-mail.

“Capitol Hill is obviously a dynamic and diverse neighborhood in lots of [ways] and we think all our customers will love the new design and menu offerings.”

We also asked Krum about any plans Starbucks has for working with the city on the Summit and John park and pedestrian project being built across the street from the Olive Way cafe. Krum said Starbucks planners have had talks with the park project team and are looking for ways for the cafe’s new landscaping to “complement” the city’s design for the green space and possible pedestrian area on John. “No other plans at this time as we’re focused on the store,” Krum wrote.

Krum has invited more questions and is open to “ways to update” CHS readers as the project progresses, so let us know what else you’d like to know in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Olive Way overhaul: More details from Starbucks on Pride and park

  1. I have never been inside that Starbucks, what exactly is its place in gay culture? I noticed in the other article you also called it Gaybucks and I had no idea what you were referring to

  2. for some gay social groups to meet there. I hardly go there myself, but i know that the queer deaf group meets first sundays, and prime-timers meets there also.

  3. I stopped in one Sunday and it was PACKED – took me a few seconds to figure out why it was so quiet for how busy it was!

  4. This is one of the few places in the city to get espresso at 5 in the morning. Many of the local, independent places don’t open til 6 — I usually need to be at work by then. This Starbucks is open early, and I would hate to lose that in the update.