Prosecutors charge Hill escort who police say knowingly exposed clients to HIV

From our partners at SeattleCrime, a report that prosecutors have charged a man who police say worked as a male prostitute on Capitol Hill and knowingly exposed at least six men to HIV:

“It is clear that Moreno does not care about the health of others, potentially spreading the HIV virus, and exposing at least three victims to potential life-threatening disease,” SPD Vice Detective Don Jones wrote in a police report, noting that Moreno has a “pattern of having sex, both protected and unprotected, without disclosing his HIV status.”

Prosecutors filed charges against Moreno early last month, alleging he exposed a 38-year-old man to HIV.

Police began investigating Moreno in January after one of his former partners contacted police and told them Moreno was advertising himself as an escort on Craigslist, two months after he had been diagnosed with HIV.

According to court and police records, police say Oliberio “Oliver” Moreno, 22, worked as an escort on Capitol Hill before moving to Lakewood and some of his victims are Hill residents. He is currently in jail on $40,000 bail

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4 thoughts on “Prosecutors charge Hill escort who police say knowingly exposed clients to HIV

  1. It’s unfortunate that anyone contracted HIV from this guy. However, it’s ultimately the responsibility of anyone who is sexually active to PROTECT THEMSELVES! We shouldn’t have to tap the resources of SPD or the DA to chase down someone like this. Make sure your partner, especially a sex worker advertisig his services online, has condom on before he sticks it in!

  2. This guy is a total freak.

    BUT, safer sex has always been a two way concept. Always.

    Top, bottom or circle – always protected and non transmissive.

    Sad story for all concerned.

  3. You get what you pay for. Buyer beware.

    I am not sure why you think he is wrong. You need to cover your own ass (figuratively speaking).