Spotted on the Hill: Cameron Crowe

Cameron Crowe, the writer/director behind such Hollywood hits as “Jerry Maguire,” “Almost Famous” and  “Say Anything” was on the Hill Saturday, shooting an interview outside the Coryell Court Apartments on Thomas and 19th, an apartment complex featured prominently in his 1992 film “Singles.”

During a break in filming, the very friendly Crowe told me that the interview was for a forthcoming Pearl Jam documentary that he’s directing.

Given the setting, we can only assume that the focus of the interview was his prescient choice to cast the band in a small role in “Singles,” which was shot before their 1991 debut album, “Ten.”

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6 thoughts on “Spotted on the Hill: Cameron Crowe

  1. I own this movie and I can’t remember which character(s) lived here. Matt Dillon and the other guys? I thought Bridgit Fonda lived in the house with the faulty garage door. (It has been years since I have seen the movie)

  2. Never mind the documentary, it’s time they made a sequel to Singles. Cliff and Janet are happily married with 5 kids … ;)