8-Bit Capitol Hill

Because we like maps and we like geeky things, we might as well unload this link out of our link pile and share it with you. Here’s a map of the Hill — and all of Seattle — rendered in old school, 8-bit computer graphic style. It’s very Nintendo Entertainment System Legend of Zelda, though, to be more true to our childhood, monochrome Pong-style might be more appropriate. Glowing red diode Mattel Football version anybody?


The All New Old School 8-bit Seattle Map
SEATTLE – 8-bit Seattle [ www.8bitSeattle.com ] is a new city map in the style of 1980’s video games. Seattle is one of ten cities that have been rendered to look like an old school 8-bit video game.

New York was Brett Camper’s first 8-bit map project. Based on the overwhelming response to New York, Brett solicited donations through Kickstarter to make 8-bit maps for additional cities. JetCityOrange [ JetCityOrange.com ] and Azalea Software, Inc. [ azalea.com ] sponsored the 8-bit Seattle project. Unbeknownst to JetCityOrange or Azalea, Seattle is Brett’s hometown.

In addition to Seattle and New York, there are 8-bit maps for Amsterdam, Austin, Berlin, Detroit, London, Paris, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.

In addition to the 8-bit map itself, 8bitSeattle.com includes a Google Map with landmarks familiar to any Seattle-ite as well as 8-bit images of the Space Needle and the Seattle skyline. There are also links to thinks geeky and nerdy.

“I was really impressed with the original 8-bit New York map. While I love NYC, I really wanted to see my adopted hometown featured. It was my pleasure supporting Brett Camper’s work. Besides, both Azalea Software and JetCityOrange call Seattle home!” says Jerry Whiting President/CEO of Azalea Software and owner of JetCityOrange.

Retro is never out of style, 8 bits is rerely enough, and maps rule!

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