Capitol Hill Block Party freeloaders enjoyed the show from Shell

It was standing room only at the Pike/Broadway Shell during Sunday night’s Dead Weather set because, really, who would want to sit on the ground at a gas station. Another reason for the crowd: The other key freeloading zone on the other side of the main stage in front of Via Tribunali and Emerson Salon was closed to the knothole gang because of incidents Friday night. More on that below.

The no-more-freeloading sidewalk

At the end of the third and final day of Capitol Hill Block Party 2010, a crowd of around 100 people danced, stood and did the hipster head bop at the gas station as police officers and security reminded the assembled to keep an open path for both the exit from the show gates and the entrance to the Shell food mart.

The sidewalk along the south side of E Pike was closed to pedestrians and under guard by security personnel following issues Friday night during MGMT‘s performance when a large crowd of more than 100 people squeezed into the space and several fights broke out, according to a person working at the show.

After a visit from the city Fire Marshall, the space was open to only ticket holders and patrons of businesses open on the block. Even with the closure, a large crowd of Via Tribunali ‘customers’ was enjoying the show.

Due to its location and convenient, um, convenience store, the Pike and Broadway Shell station plays a major role in the Hill’s street celebrations. During the Obama election night celebrations, the store served as a party supply outlet and quickly sold out of beer. The QFC across the intersection, by the way, was the official supplier of bubbly on election night but most business appeared to be soda pop and junk food Sunday night.

We’ll have more on the closing night of CHBP 2010 including a look at Day 3’s pictures from the crowd.












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8 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Block Party freeloaders enjoyed the show from Shell

  1. Three cheers, considering tks. were 30.00 for one day, in a depression …..

    It was a mess, but, people had a lot of fun.

  2. No, but he’ll complain about that too, just let him know when it is!

    There were people sitting on top of Oddfellow’s yesterday evening.

  3. No offense here but, uhh…it would kinda be massively more interesting to hear about how the band was, and see their pictures, than to hear about the spectators in the crowd and see photos of them. You know? The Dead Weather is just awesome, especially live. (Of course, that’s also true of just about any band that Jack White is in, he’s damn near criminally talented.)

  4. So sorry – I think 30.00 is an expensive price. Will I do a free concert, no I will leave that to the community council you run, Andrew. Why not? Obvious demand.

    …. there is plenty of room for more of these on the Hill … One day, three good bands, 15.00. I bet it is possible.

    “The Other Capitol Hill Block Party”

  5. Eh, that it what Lineout is for or Matson on music for the Seattle Times. or Sound on the Sound. I wouldn’t want CHS to cover bands because they aren’t a music blog.