The Comet stars as the Comet as Grassroots movie shoot continues

Pike/Pine preservation has value beyond urban development circles, turns out. The venerable Comet Tavern was still around to play itself Tuesday during shooting of the film Grassroots. CHS wrote about the production’s Hill shooting schedule last week. The Stephen Gyllenhaal project is bringing the story of Grant Cogswell’s 2001 run for Seattle City Council to the screen in an adaptation of the book Zioncheck for President by Phil Campbell, the Stranger reporter-turned failed campaign manager. The SunBreak talked to Campbell, who will appear at the Sorrento later this week, about the book, the history and the movie, here. Some pictures from Tuesdays shoot, below, including Gyllenhaal doing big time movie producer/director stuff and somebody who we believe is probably Hollywood actor Jason Biggs or his stunt double. Filming continues at the corner of E. Pike and 10th Ave today and Thursday.

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2 thoughts on “The Comet stars as the Comet as Grassroots movie shoot continues

  1. Nik Doner, playing Jason Biggs’ characters’ roommate in Grassroots is a company member and frequent performer at Capitol Hill’s Balagan Theatre, located just up Pike St. WOOP!