High speed chase across Capitol Hill ends with crash, capture in Eastlake

Photo: Curt Milton, EastlakeAve.com

SPD cruisers chased a white Ford Mustang at high speed through the streets of Capitol Hill tonight as the vehicle involved in a missing person case sideswiped cars and sped toward I-5 before turning toward the Eastlake neighborhood and crashing into Rogers Playfield.

Officers first pulled the vehicle over near Bellevue and Pike. From there, the chase was on. We have reports of the cars speeding down 15th Ave E and then onto 10th Ave where it sideswiped a car at Roanoke.

The vehicle then sped across I-5 into Eastlake before crashing into the park where the driver fled on foot but was cornered shortly thereafter and taken into custody.

According to East Precinct radio transmissions, the missing person investigation involves a woman reported missing to the Washougal police department a few days ago. When he was pulled over, the suspect told police he had just received the car from the woman but a plate check revealed that plates from another vehicle had been swapped onto the car. The suspect sped away east on Pike at 6:44 PM before heading up 15th Ave.

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9 thoughts on “High speed chase across Capitol Hill ends with crash, capture in Eastlake

  1. As he drove toward us going north on 15th, by Safeway, he was calmly putting on his seatbelt, while swerving though traffic, police cruisers in hot pursuit.

  2. I was waiting for the #49 right in front of SCCC when I saw this car speeding up north on Broadway and a police car in hot pursuit indeed! A bus was in his way so the white Ford swerve on to the opposite lane! It was a good thing no one was hurt and there was no car coming down south when he changed lane!

  3. My wife saw the chase from 15th Ave E directly across from Volunteer Park, near the intersection with E. Galer. She saw a white car pass at a high speed followed by three police cars also at a high rate of speed with sirens blaring. This is pretty scary given the large number of children and families crossing the street on 15th to get to Volunteer Park, thank goodness no one was hurt.

  4. I saw the chase while waiting for the #8 on E John at 15th Ave E in front of Safeway on my way to Columbia City. There must have been five cop cars after him. I’m glad to hear they caught the guy and nobody was hurt.

  5. Holy cow is that dangerous, it’s a miracle no one got hurt. I think we dodged a bullet, and a white mustang, on this one.