Hill Style: Summer Ease on Broadway

Dana- Across from SCCC on Broadway.

This time of year, during our hotter days, I am always so impressed when I see people looking this nice.  I feel like no matter what I do I always look overly casual and disheveled and I find myself blaming it on the temperature. Cheers to Dana and all the others I saw looking so put together and comfortable during our most recent heat wave.  It isn’t an easy task.

For more street style photos from around Capitol Hill and the rest of Seattle go to itsmydarlin.com


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11 thoughts on “Hill Style: Summer Ease on Broadway

  1. Cigarettes, spandex and death…

    Hey, I’ve got a new song now!

    Cigarettes, spandex and death…
    Cigarettes, spandex and death…
    One goes in your mouth,
    One goes up your butt,
    Cigarettes, spandex and death…

  2. thought id open this one up to see how many self-righteous comments would be up about smoking. thanks for not dissapointing, chs.

  3. Spandex on a hot day – light cotton panties – or nothing.

    And lighter denim, light cotton is better – this is about the heat, right?

    The cig is not attractive … times have changed.

  4. When you were five it was cute that your parents let you dress yourself.

    You aren’t five anymore, but you still goddamned dress like you are.