Olive Way milestone: First Starbucks liquor license application posted — UPDATE: Construction begins

UPDATE: A Starbucks spokesperson alerts us that the Olive Way construction has begun:

The construction fencing is going up and we’re starting to demo the exterior.  Customers are still able to access the store at this point.  We don’t have a set date yet when coffee service will switch outside to the van, but will let you know as soon as we do.

Original Post: Neighbor James Knapp alerted us to his photo of an important milestone for the Starbucks Olive Way overhaul: the first liquor license application notice for a regular old green and white-branded Starbucks.

Looks, by the way, like the 14-day public posting period for the application ends on Tuesday. If you have any comments for the Washington Liquor Control Board, you can send them e-mail here wslcb@liq.wa.gov

And, yes, if you haven’t heard, the Olive Way Gaybucks will reportedly be shutting down late this month for two months of construction to transform the location into a revamped version of the coffee stores with skinny, barista-friendly counters and, for some reason, an indoor/outdoor fireplace. SBUX sez you’ll still be able to get a cup of coffee during the construction from a van parked at the location. But it might not be the best place for a first date until they re-open in the fall.

Notification Date7/6/2010
Business Location: 1600 E OLIVE WAY,  SEATTLE, WA 98102-5613
Liquor License Type: BEER/WINE REST – BEER/WINE
Application Type: NEW APPLICATION
License Number: 406813
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2 thoughts on “Olive Way milestone: First Starbucks liquor license application posted — UPDATE: Construction begins

  1. An awesome Coffee Lounge will be opening at the corner of Denny and Olive, where the old, and quite frankly, creepy SuperCuts used to be. This place is an independent small business, serving Stumptown Coffee, beer and wine, and amazing snacks. I know all this because I had the chance to be interviewed for a job there and the concept is fucking cool. The place is called Arabica Lounge, and in difference from Starbucks, it just feels right all the way. The guy that runs it is really great and it will be a sweet addition to this neighborhood. Can’t wait.

  2. We have a neighborhood with a alcohol house.
    With other issues. Cops are visiting at night.
    So it would not make much differace. SStar Bucks
    wins on that note? We need another Bar?