Scoop from the crowd: CHS commenters dig up new restaurant chain coming to Broadway

We’re usually the ones posting new business scoops around here. But in the comments on our most recent item about a new business coming to Broadway, the CHS comments came alive with some crowd-source information gathering of the finest form. Here’s what we learned.

First, the rumor from ProstSeattle

Then the lukewarm reaction…

Then, as she’s done on CHS quite a few times in the past, linder seattle delivers the goods.

The Joule developers, whose struggles to fill the 30,000 square feet of retail space in the project we covered here, have, indeed, inked the Denver-based chain. Here’s what liner found — an electrical construction permit issued to Qdoba Restaurant Corp. Nice work, scoop.

Address523 Broadway EPermit Number6253215
Location[9] SUITEPermit StatusOpen: Permit Issued
Records Filed AtApplication DateJun 28, 2010
Application TypeELECTRICALIssue DateJul 20, 2010
Work TypeFULL REVIEWExpiration DateJul 20, 2011
CategoryCOMMERCIALFinaled Date
4865 WARD RD #500
Zone/Overlays and ECA
Legal DescriptionContractorR-C TRUE LINE CORPORATION
15321 105TH AVE CT E
PUYALLUP, WA 98374-9354


Description of WorkWIRING FOR TI TO NEW RESTAURANT; BLDG PERMIT 6245560Permit Remarks
Related Permits6254696Related Land Use Permits

Meanwhile, we can go back to our usual method of gathering restaurant dirt: Twitter. Yup, Bella Pizza is gone and the for rent signs are up. Your turn, linder.

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30 thoughts on “Scoop from the crowd: CHS commenters dig up new restaurant chain coming to Broadway

  1. I think this is the first time I’ve ever posted something before someone else! Sorry I didn’t put my sources on here, though, as I thought it was public knowledge. I’m not a journalist, so I didn’t do enough investigation.

    I got information from Skyscraper City if anybody was interested.

  2. A Qdoba rises in the ashes of Taco Bell. What a classic example of gentrification. (I’ve never tried Qdoba; maybe I’ll like it. But I miss Taco Bell, especially when I listen to Sir Mix-a-Lot.)

    By the way, I like the Joule. I think it’s great. More people living on Broadway, and a building filled with people and businesses (eventually) instead of ugly one-story buildings and a big parking lot. It’s a win.

  3. Everyone cried when Taco Bell left so I imagine that people will really be in support of this. I believe they use more fresh product and have less calories in most menu items. Seems like a win/win situation for Joule and the people living in the area. I will give it a chance!

  4. I always joke that that gentrification has equaled less fast food on and around Bway. Think about it, we used to have: Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, KFC, Taco Time.

    Now we have Rancho Bravo. We need affordable places to eat on the Hill, even if they are crap for you. Let’s just hope they all don’t come back and rent in the same building or it will be like the Bway food court.


    Why can’t we get more small independent businesses up on the hill? National chains do not promote a community and neighborhood. I’d bitch more but I have to go to Safeway to buy more PBR.


  6. the rents on Broadway are so high that only a national chain can afford to open up or stay open anymore. Really sad. :(

    I have to confess, I WOULD love to see Bartell move into the Joule building. They used to be on that block and would certainly be a welcome pharmacy on the top end of Broadway.

  7. Really, this blind disdain for “chains” is getting a little boring. It’s not like there’s a Qdoba on every corner. This isn’t just a generic McDonalds or Taco Bell. It’s at least a touch more classy than that.

    I for one love Qdoba and I’ll be happy to not have to drive to the U-District to eat there. :)

  8. Who did not – not EVER eat or get a cold drink at Jack in the BOX ??

    You are all liars if you say never. Plus, mingling with street people, petting a dog or two, etc. AND, open late, and drive thru.

    Chains to a limited degree have their place.

  9. At $2,400 a month for an apartment, Joule is far from a win. You can buy for that kind of monthly payment.

    Joule is likely charging insane commercial rents much like they are with the apartments. So, unfortunately, we are going to be left with national chain crap like Qdoba, as the national chains are going to be the only one’s who can afford the rent.

  10. Not everyone has $15 to throw down on a sandwhich (see Homegrown in the Melrose Market), but when you spend $6-$7 to eat where else are you going to go? I’ll take a Qdoba, definitely.

    Personally I don’t think Capitol Hill has enough chains. An area needs balance.

  11. I really liked Bella, and am sorry to see it going. They didn’t have quite as much pizza variety as Pagliacci, but what they had was tasty. Factor in their subs and pastas – particularly their lasagna – and we are the poorer for having lost them.

  12. I doubt very much that all the apartments in Joule cost $2400/month…that must be for their largest/most desireable units.

    Accurate/complete information is important when arguing for a certain point of view.

  13. I like Bartell’s too, but there is already one not far way, in the Harvard Market at Broadway and Pike. And north Broadway really does not need another pharmacy…the QFC has one, and Rite-Aid is just 2 blocks south of there. Do we really need one on every block?

    I would much rather see Joule retail occupied by local businesses that we don’t have now on Broadway, such as a hardware store, and perhaps some moderate-priced restaurant that features a cuisine different than what we have now… about a French place, or German?

  14. Regarding rents at Joule:

    The Joule website gives price ranges and floorplans for their apartments (studio, 1 br, 2br and lofts). Prices appear to start around $1100 a month. Top prices are for the 2br/2ba apts in the $2300-$2900 range.

  15. Why is qdoba’s food automatically “chain crap”? Obvs I’d rather support a local biz, but there food is pretty good and Ill definetly check them out. Leave the blind hatred for the repubs.

  16. We stopped at Qdoba for some Mexican eatin’, but Qdoba was closed, the girls somethin’ somethin’ somethin’. They said, “Go back the other way; we’ll stop and eat at Dicks”.

    No, it just doesn’t feel the same as Taco Bell.

  17. A month late, all: Qdoba was passing out flyers during the Pride Festival on Broadway in June. One free entree when they open in September at 523 Broadway. (Tongue in cheek sort of, since it said “if you still have the flyer in September:-)

  18. “We need affordable places to eat on the Hill, even if they are crap for you.”

    How cheap is Qdoba? Is it restaurant-lite like Chipotle?

  19. “Chipotle would be more appropriate for the Hill.

    “It means that we support and sustain family farmers who respect the land and the animals in their care” vs “We believe cilantro and lime make rice a lot tastier.”

    Chipotle is a property of McDonalds, so every bit of this is marketing fluff.

    “Family farmers” = “industrial agriculture and meat production”

  20. “Who did not – not EVER eat or get a cold drink at Jack in the BOX ??

    You are all liars if you say never. Plus, mingling with street people, petting a dog or two, etc. AND, open late, and drive thru.

    Chains to a limited degree have their place.”

    Yeah, but JITB is a dirt cheap chain, not “upscale family dining” or whatever these midpriced franchises are. It’s the same reason why I’d prefer a Taco Bell to Qdoba.

    I’ll probably check ’em out, I suppose. Hopefully it doesn’t knock out Taco Del Mar.

  21. If Qdoba is going to spray their name all over the public sidewalks, maybe I’ll go spray my name all over their windows… bathroom… etc.

    ps – they are owned by Jack In The Box. Just another crappy chain store, not worthy of your biz. Take a lovely walk down to Rancho Bravo where they actually make the food instead of unpack it out of freezers and tubes sent from their corporate HQ.

  22. I see where youre coming from re: the stencils, but just an FYI, my cousin works at a Qdoba in Pierce County and there are no freezers in their restaurants. They only have walk-in coolers…nothing is frozen. Their meat, veggies etc are purchased locally too. Just wanted to throw that out there to be fair.