Woman says attacked — then let go — as she walked to car from Capitol Hill bar

A police report released this week describes an early morning July 3rd attack on a woman walking to her car from an unnamed Capitol Hill bar that started as a scary, strangling assault and ended with a peculiar change of heart. Here’s a write-up on the incident from SeattleCrime:

“The assault/attack soon ended as soon as it began,” the report says, and the suspect “unexpectedly helped [the woman] off of the ground, brushed her shoulders off, and even tried to re-arrange the shirt he had just ripped over her shoulders.” He then told the woman “I’m really sorry” and fled.

The woman went home after the attack and met police at a hospital the next day. She described the suspect as a black male, early to mid 30s, approximately six feet tall, with a medium build, very little facial hair, and a “tight fade.” The woman told police her attack spoke “very fast, as if he was “high” or as if he knew her.”

The police report says the attack happened around 2:30 AM near the intersection of James and Broadway just south of Swedish.

SeattleCrime notes that the woman’s injuries were not serious but were extensive with bruises to her foot, ribs, fingers, neck, and shoulders in the attack.

We recently reported on East Precinct crime trends for the Capitol Hill area. While robberies so far in 2010 are up compared to the same period in 2009, they’re down significantly from 2008. Meanwhile, assaults are down slightly across the board.

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4 thoughts on “Woman says attacked — then let go — as she walked to car from Capitol Hill bar

  1. You mean the location showing up on the map? Yeah, I’ll “teach it” the new location. We haven’t mapped news at that point before.

  2. Does anyone know why the East Precinct doesn’t just send some police women or vulnerable looking decoys out walking the Hill at 2-3 am to try to catch some of these preditors? Does anyone think that if you walk around by yourself long enough around that time, its not pretty much inevitable that your’re going to get mugged? So what’s the big deal, do I have to do this myself or is this something the SPD should fit into their schedule between hasseling drunks vice squad prostituion stings?

  3. Want the real reason? Shift is over at 4:00am and most are back in the precinct by 2:30 to get paperwork finished so they can be out the door by 4:00.

    * First Watch: 0300-1200 or 0330 – 1230
    * Second Watch: 1100-2000 or 1130 – 2030
    * Third Watch: 1900-0400 or 1930 – 0430

    Patrols are very light between shifts if at all.