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4 thoughts on “Hill Style: Summer layers on 10th

  1. No offense, i’m sure they are nice people. But do you think you could feature people with…actual sense of style? Because honestly I see a lot of people who look like this. It’s the same urban outfitters/thrift store trying-to-look-like-i’m-not-trying style as seen on 90% of people around here. Cute, but a little overdone.

  2. I agree – I’m all for doing your own thing, but this “i’m a vagrant hipster who clearly is too cool to care about how i look” aesthetic is getting really old. maybe we should take cues from an actual fashion blog, like, oh, say, the sartorialist? fashionable people DO exist in this town, it’d be nice to represent something besides this “homeless chic” style i keep seeing week after week.

  3. they look great and theres nothing wrong with this casual style. THEY’RE NOT DRESSING FOR YOU, ANONYMOUS COMMENTERS. That said, I’m worried about the eazy-E direction her shag might be taking.

    rok on bangaz


  4. Its called “Hill Style” not “Hill Fashion”. Maybe these people do care what they look like like, they just don’t care what you think they look like. Style is taking what you love, doing with it what you want, and making it look good. Fashion is chicanery, gossip, and trends, fueled by people waiting for “cues”. There are fashionable people on the hill I agree, and usually they are to be avoided. Great Picture.