Walking Broadway with Larry

I’m walking with a group from Capitol Hill Community Council and Chamber of Commerce meeting with King County Council member Larry Phillips. First stop: Joule and a discussion about development and public spaces.

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3 thoughts on “Walking Broadway with Larry

  1. I think Nagle place should be called: Nagle Place. Let’s not reinvent the wheel here.

    RE: Connecting this block to Cal Anderson park. The best way I can think of to do that is to have the Nagle extension veer to the Northwest so that it intersects with Broadway and E. Olive/E.John St. Make it pedestrian oriented only, vehicular traffic for deliveries only after the major street traffic has passed. Still keep it wide and oriented for the farmers market on Sundays, a wide pedestrian corridor. A possible positive would be a larger development block (not square, but aren’t trapezoids fun?) on the east side, and a triangular lot on the west.

    And a bonus, our children and grandchildren can write CHS and say, what the hell were they thinking with that cattywumpus extension to Nagle Place? Was it Medical Marijuana? Was it sugar rush from Molly Moons? Was it lack of a Vegetarian Option?

  2. When was the last time we saw Larry Phillips on the Hill, just to go to the Hill and not do a contrived press tour? His Magnolia temperament makes him completely uncomfortable in our neighborhood. I’d love to see someone representing our district that actually reflects our community for a change. It’s time for Larry to retire from his years of running the county’s budget into the ground. We need some fresh blood.

  3. Have know him for years and have never found him even slightly uncomfortable with the Hill and all its many permutations.

    In the on going political brawl called the King County council, I think he holds his own well. I like the guy. He has my vote.

    Change for changes sake seems a bit shallow. You got a good one, keep him.