First Hill’s ‘other’ new Italian place: Primo (they deliver to Capitol Hill, too) — Plus, more new Pill Hill chow

Even before the re-birth of Vito’s on Madison, First Hill’s food and drink environment was richer than it might have seemed even if standing next to the glimmering restaurant and bar scene of Capitol Hill and, especially, the burgeoning options of Pike/Pine paled the glow.

Another new option has popped up in the neighborhood and, if you’re looking for delivery, you might be within range of our First Hill neighbors, Primo. Here are details about the new place from co-owners Max Borthwick and Larry Mar:

Italian food lovers will rejoice, West First Hill has yet another offering!  We’re neighborhood pizza & pasta, started by 2 friends who both grew up on N Capitol Hill.  We’re in the former lobby of a 1928 hotel, very cool funky little spot.  I know your blog is cap hill friendly, but we both trace our roots there, and since vito’s got a shout out I thought I’d let you know about us too for possible inclusion in your site.

We’re still waiting on the WSLCB for our liquor license, but we’re open and delivering deliciousness to downtown/first hill.  Should have liquor in about a week.

Borthwick is a familiar name in downtown Seattle’s food and drink world. He started Suite 410 before it went belly up and was re-opened earlier this summer and was a co-owner of Toi’s before it, too, closed.

Primo is located at 1106 8th Ave. Their current delivery bound extend east to Broadway. Mar says they’re using scooters for delivery and want to put them through their paces before possibly extending the delivery zone across Capitol Hill to 15th or 19th Ave. You can reach them for delivery orders at (206) 54P-RIMO.

Primo’s space is spare but elegant.  The clean lines of the tables and chairs highlight the elegant old world architecture of the 1106 8th Avenue building, especially the columns and the crown moldings.  Pizzas range in price between $9.49 for a small “Primo Classic” and $23.99 for “The Caligula”.  Primo is open daily from 11 am to 11 pm and offers free delivery to First Hill and Downtown.  In the past, this space housed Geneva, a well-regarded fine dining Swiss restaurant, from 1995 to 2008.  Rustica Ristorante, an Italian restaurant, replaced Geneva in April 2008.  In December 2009, Beam’s, a European restaurant specializing in steak and beef dishes took over but quickly closed shop in July 2010.     

Meanwhile, Crepan Crepe World, a new crepe competitor opened its doors at 1303 Madison. Unlike Saley’s and 611 Supreme that serve French crepes and La Cote, which serves buckwheat crepes modeled in the tradition of those served in the French province of Brittany, Crepan Crepe World offers Japanase style crepes.  Japanese style crepes use less butter than French crepes, and the fillings are generally raw, not cooked.  Crepan Crepe World is open Monday – Friday 9 am to 6 pm and Saturdays 10 am to 6 pm and is closed Sundays. 

Another newcomer to Madison is Jimmy John’s sandwiches. The hyper-successful chain has moved into 1221 E. Madison St. where its meaty sandwiches have replaced Organic to Go. Another First Hill pizza provider, Mad Pizza, is on the move — across the street as it expands to a larger Madison location.

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3 thoughts on “First Hill’s ‘other’ new Italian place: Primo (they deliver to Capitol Hill, too) — Plus, more new Pill Hill chow

  1. Go, Max! Hope you and your partner (Pangrazio?) will do well. Spent many an hour in the lobby of the Sorento listening to some good jazz and having a drink or two (or three). Spent lots of time at Vito’s, too. Was the 410 where Rossolini’s was? Anyway, good luck and perhaps I’ll find myself in your place before long. Hi to Toi and your Dad.