Hill food and drink: Hawaiian coming to 10th Ave East, pork-belly waffle trend, Travelers thali told-you-so

  • The Volunteer Park Cafe’s application for changing their use from a grocery store to a restaurant to comply with city zoning laws has been accepted, according to the DPD. We’ll have more on the public process that begins once the application notice is posted, shortly.
  • As we reported over the weekend, The Local Vine has completed its Belltown exodus and is ready to serve you starting Monday afternoon at 2 PM. Retail store is open, now, by the way.
  • Via Tribunali has applied for an off-premise wine sales permit that will allow the East Pike Neapolitan pizzeria to sell you a bottle to go. Yes, Trib owner Mike McConnell faces a jury trial later this fall for charges of DUI and hit and run in this pre-summer incident.

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  • 10th Ave East’s restaurant and bar ‘struggles’ didn’t last long. First, the space TidBit left behind after it moved to Broadway filled up. Then the Roanoke apparently sorted out its lease. Now we’ve found that the space left empty by Huiyona’s July closure is already gearing up for a new restaurant. We’ll tell you more about Pau Hana soon, hopefully.
  • We heard from owner Jessica Izem after we reported that Gyro Cafe was preparing to open on 15th Ave East. She says the cafe is the first restaurant she and her husband Hassan have opened but they’re hoping the permits and construction will stay on pace for a January opening — if not sooner.
  • The Stranger discovers the filling, fun and affordable thali of Travelers. We told you about it in April. 2009.
  • You might want to start saving room now for brunch at 19th Ave East’s Monsoon this weekend. Wooly Pigs reports that Monsoon’s chef has conceived of “a waffle with braised pork belly – essentially, a super-premium version of a McGriddles, a dish that McDonald’s invented for breakfast” and is finally going to offer it on the menu as a special this weekend.
  • The All-consuming blog visits Skillet’s Capitol Hill diner preview and, what the heck, they featured a delicious pork-bell waffle too! By the way, that prognostication we made about the ‘mystery restaurant’ taking over the Dawson’s Plumbing space on 12th Ave? It’s not Skillet.
  • Even the big guys read CHS. Rob Neill from MSNBC’s business desk wanted to make sure we saw their write-up on Melrose Market’s neighborhood butcher, Rain Shadow Meats. “A lot of people, they see those pigs hanging in there and they’re taken aback,” Rain Shadow’s Russell Flint tells MSNBC. That’s because they don’t have any waffles hanging with them, Russell.
  • We still don’t know the full story about the lounge destined for the 700 Broadway building that we reported on last week but we have learned that the couple behind the project previoulsy had their hands in a well-known Seattle club. We’re poking around but haven’t had a chance to talk to anybody from Asanova. CHS@capitolhillseattle.com if you’re felling chatty.
  • Monday night, Ristorante Machiavelli donates 100% of net proceeds to support Neighborcare Health’s new Rainier Beach Medical & Dental Clinic, a community health center currently being built in Seattle’s Rainier Valley.
  • Another benefit, this one on Tuesday over in Madrona as St. Clouds hosts a fundraiser for the Friends of the Cedar Watershed. The Cedar River, if you didn’t already know, is the source of a lot of the water used on Capitol Hill. Seems smart to help support a group dedicated to protecting the area.
  • Tuesday night is also September’s CHS happy hour at Poco Wine room from 5:30 to 7:30. Stop by and let CHS pour you a glass of Poco’s new “signature” house wines. First three or four bottles are our treat. No, not per person.
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5 thoughts on “Hill food and drink: Hawaiian coming to 10th Ave East, pork-belly waffle trend, Travelers thali told-you-so

  1. Their space is listed as being for rent so get their quickly if you want to try it. Decent food, but takes for…ever. I don’t know why Annapurna is never mentioned in best Indian food. That place rules.

  2. On June 28th, you ran a post about the “I Love NY Deli” opening a new branch on First Hill. Have you heard any update on when they will be opening up?

  3. The restaurant space off of 10th Ave E, behind and below the old Tidbit, is a huge risk for any restaurateur….there has been a series of failed places there. It is just too invisible, and of course the lousy economy does not help…

    Huiyona was an excellent restaurant with very friendly owners and staff, yet they failed within one year. In my opinion, it would be foolish to try again to be successful in that space. I hope the owners of Pau Hana will talk to the Huiyona owners, and think twice before they waste alot of money.

  4. Tomorrow at 4PM (11/16) you can have a taste of Hawaii. Pau Hana is open for dinner. The choices are mouthwatering. Mahalo